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The guiding philosophy behind CR's social
responsibility is in line with CR's corporate culture.
  • The guiding philosophy behind CR's social responsibility is in line with CR's corporate culture. CR's social responsibility mission, vision, and philosophy are consistent with those of CR's culture. Integrity and compliance are the core values of CR's corporate culture, steering CR's social responsibility practices. In order to guide its social responsibility practices, CR has developed a series of ideologies on the culture of responsibility - economic responsibilities, employee responsibilities, customer responsibilities, partnership responsibilities, public responsibilities and environmental responsibilities.

  • CR's Social Responsibility Mission

    Create Better Lives Together

  • CR's Social Responsibility Vision

    By pursuing outstanding growth, CR Group is striving to create an excellent corporate image, gaining investors' trust, employees' passion, social respect, and public acclaim, in order to build CR into a world-class enterprise with international competitiveness, that goes beyond the pursuit of profitability.

  • Economic Responsibilities

    Being performance oriented, CR Group is pursuing balanced, all-round and quality performance Performance is the basic criteria for CR's recruitment, employment, assessment, and is the main objective of incentive programs. Performance will not be compromised by hardships. Values will not be compromised by performance.

  • Customer Responsibilities

    To protect consumers rights and interests, CR Group attaches great importance to business ethics, fair competition, better product quality, environmentally friendlier production approaches, as well as more personalized products and services. By consistently exceeding users' expectations and by serving customers with sincerity, CR Group creates value for customers, and grows along with customers.

  • Public Responsibilities

    Employee Responsibilities

    Striving to create a "simple, candid and cheerful" corporate culture. Treating managers strictly, treating employees kindly. Respect the human value, develop the human potential, enhance the human spirit, protect employee rights and interests, and maximize corporate and employee value.

  • Supply Chain Responsibilities

    Achieving mutual benefits and mutual growth for partnerships – a win-win collaboration.

  • Environmental Responsibilities

    Do not sacrifice the environment in the pursuit of corporate growth. Do not sacrifice the long-term environmental interest for short-term company benefits. Do not sacrifice people's health and lives to reap profits that go against one's conscience. Do not damage the CR brand for the sake of short-term glory.

  • Communication and Feedback Among Stakeholders

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