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Company at a glance

China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (“CR” or “China Resources Group”) is a diversified holding company registered in Hong Kong. CR was first established as “Liow & Co.” in Hong Kong in 1938, and was later restructured and renamed as China Resources Company in 1948. In 1952, instead of being affiliated to the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, it came under the Central Trade Department (now known as the Ministry of Commerce). In 1983, it was again restructured into China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. In December 1999, CR was no longer linked to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and came under state management. In 2003, under the direct supervision of SASAC, it became one of the key state-owned enterprises.


In 1953, China Resources became the general trading agency for China's import-export companies in Hong Kong. During the period when Hong Kong’s trade volume took up one-third of total foreign trade volume in China, the company’s primary role was to arrange exports and guarantee a stable supply to Hong Kong as well as import essential supplies to mainland China. In 1983, China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (“CR” or “the group”) was established, gradually transforming from an integrated trading company to a diversified and industry-oriented holding enterprise in order to fit into the reform plans of the foreign trade ecosystem.


Since 2000, CR has built up to its current business pattern and scale. Under China Resources Group there are six key business areas, including consumer products, integrated energy, urban construction and operation, healthcare, industrial finance, technology and emerging sectors, 25 profit centers, two direct affiliates, about 3,077 business entities, and 390,000 employees. China Resources Group ranks 74th in Fortune Global 500 2023. In Hong Kong, there are eight listed companies under CR. CR Land,CR Beer and CR Mixc Lifestyle are all HSI constituents.


Upholding the motto of “leading business progress and creating better living together”, China Resources has effectively promoted the development of the industries in which the Group is engaged and contributed to an overall improvement in the quality of life for individuals by constantly innovating business models and bringing forth new products and services. To date, the scales of China Resources’ businesses spanning from retail, beer to gas, real estate and pharmaceuticals are ranked among the top in the country. Its power and cement ventures also outshine the market in terms of operating performance and efficiency. China Resources Land is one of the leading and most influential integrated real estate developers in mainland China, while Snow Beer, Yibao Water, China Resources Vanguard, Vientiane City, 999, Shuanghe, Dong'e Ejiao, Jiangzhong, etc. are all household names enjoying widespread recognition throughout the country.

CR is now implementing the “14th Five-Year" strategic plan to serve the national strategy through its establishment in Hong Kong. The strategic plan aims to reshape the group’s overall strategies by emphasizing high-quality development, strengthening innovative leadership, optimizing resource allocation, cultivating and laying foundations for core businesses, maintaining CR’s leading position in the industry, providing customers with high-quality products and services, continuously improving shareholder value, and ensuring the group develops as a state-owned capital investment company with its own characteristics, to enable CR to grow into a world-class enterprise that is globally competitive.

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