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Hope Towns

Hope Towns represent CR Group's attempt to participate
actively in the building of rural villages and to support urbanization.
  • The CR Hope Towns development project has been a beneficial experience. It represents China Resources Group's exploration of and attempt to resolve the "three rural" issues, to participate actively in the building of new socialist rural villages and to support urbanization by bringing into full play the company's resources. Since 2008, CR has been building Hope Towns in old revolutionary bases and areas hit by poverty. Through unified planning, reformation and reconstruction, farmers' living environment has been completely changed. In addition, on the strength of the group's industry and resources, CR has been providing assistance to farmers to set up specialized cooperatives, and develop modern rural collective economies, turning Hope Towns into new socialist rural villages that are ecological, organic, green, consistent and in harmony with the local natural environment, villages that support vibrant agricultural development and possess distinctive local and ethnic characteristics.

    Since 2008, CR has built CR Hope Towns in Guangxi Baise, Hebei Xibaipo, Hunan Shaoshan, Fujian Gutian, Guizhou Zunyi, Anhui Jinzhai, Jiangxi Jinggangshan, Ningxia Haiyuan, Hubei Hongan, and Sichuan Jianhe, directly benefiting over 110,000 small town residents and residents nearby.Wherever there is a CR Hope Town, the poor and backward village will be transformed. The project represents the first step towards achieving farmers’ dream of having a better life.

  • Township Construction Model

    Environmental Improvement

    Rebuild harmonious residences: "Improving kitchens, water supply, bedrooms, bathrooms, neighbourhood, and courtyards ", thereby enhancing overall residential facilities.

    Build comprehensive public facilities: Enhance and upgrade public facilities and services to benefit neighbouring villages. These include healthcare and education facilities, integrated service centres and farmers' markets.

    Build eco-friendly municipal infrastructure: Clean energy, sewage handling system, solar energy, high/low-voltage conversion, road hardening, clean drinking water, lighting improvements, and landscaping works, etc.

    Industry Support

    Provide guidance to farmers in setting up specialized general cooperatives, and build industry support platforms.

    Unified procurement and sales, providing guidance to start-ups

    Species optimization, cooperative operation

    Land transfer and consolidation

    Extend the support and drive industry growth

    Organization Remodelling

    Implement the three-in-one modern management model through cross posting among community party branches, community neighbourhood committees, and specialized farmer cooperatives.

    Community neighbourhood committees: Break out of the existing administrative framework, and form new, fully functional rural communities.

    Specialized farmer cooperatives: A portion of the profits will be put aside collectively as public reserve funds, providing a reliable economic base for the township's community neighborhood committee in exercising administrative and public management functions.

    Community party branches: Take advantage of the core leading function of community party branches in driving community building, and strengthening rural grass-root party branches at different levels.

  • Creating Shared Value

    1. Farmers' living environment is completely improved, and rural public services have been set up and enhanced.

    In 2013, environmental improvement works were basically complete in the Gutian CR Hope Town. 144 on-site residences have been rebuilt and 85 new residences have been constructed. 45 new sceptic tanks have been built, and two wetlands are being used to handle sewage, with a daily handling capacity of 50 cubic meters. Incoming main roads, main roads within the village, and loop-roads within the village, a total of 2.464 km have been hardened. Clean energy has been developed, installing 80 solar streetlights. Power network, cable TV, and Internet have all been improved, providing convenience to farmers' everyday lives. Four new water supply systems have been built to ensure clean water supply within the village.

    Furthermore, to enhance the quality of community services in the Gutian CR Hope Town, 4,982.41 square meters of public facilities have been built, including kindergartens, sanitary stations, nursing homes, rural committees, cultural stations, and cultural squares. Through rebuilding infrastructure and enhancing public services, the Hope Town is now equipped with basic functions such as rural healthcare services, education services, elderly nursing services, administrative services and commercial services. Farmers can now enjoy the comfort, hygiene and convenience of urban civilization, and are guided to gradually adopt a modern and civilized way of life.

    2. Develop modern rural collective economies to enhance Hope Town farmers' income

    Since 2009, CR has gone through three development phases: using specialized farmer cooperatives as the platform, through unified procurement and unified sales, to support start-ups; species optimization and cooperative operation; land transfer and land consolidation. CR has incorporated the Hope Town project as part of the company's business development, using cultivation and breeding cooperatives as the platform to support in-depth industry development.

    In 2013, CR helped accelerate the transfer of land rights in Youjiang District, Baise City. As of the end of 2013, 9,195 acres of land within the area had been transferred in phase 1 and 2, involving three townships of Yongle, Wang Dian, and Longchuan in Baise. Through implementing land transfer, scattered farmlands were combined and consolidated, new farms were built, and the "farm-supermarket dual access" was established by linking farms with CR Vanguard supermarkets, forming an agricultural industrial chain integrating "production, supply, and sales", thereby facilitating agricultural industrial development.

    In 2013, CR actively helped Runnong Cooperative in Gutian Hope Town to operate a CR Vanguard supermarket, developing services such as the breeding of the guifei chicken and featured cultivation.

    On 29 September 2013, CR facilitated Zunyi CR Hope Town in setting up Runnong Cooperatives in Shui Shiba and Golden Bay respectively, absorbing a total of 146 rural households in the town. Currently, these two cooperatives have defined the direction for their industry development, that is, breeding North Guizhou goat as the key business, and cultivating dendrobium candidum strain of orchids as the supplementary business.

    3. Explore ways to modern urbanization, and achieve the great "Chinese dream"

    Since 2008, the CR Hope Town project has been attempting to transform qualified rural villages into small townships through the four dimensions of "urbanization of the living environment", "urbanization of the industrial economy", "urbanization of community management and public services", and "urbanization of the people". In addition, using modernized township communities as the core, and bringing its influence into full play, CR aims to create industry cohesion, achieve economic and industry diversification, modernized development, and create population cohesion, resulting in conscious expansion driven by the township community, and ultimately turning CR Hope Towns into modern and sizeable townships.

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