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STORY III —— All for Health Providing Attentive Services for Patients

Zhang Bing Director, General Hospital of Mining Industrial Group Fuxin,CR Healthcare
  • As keeping healthy is people's core demand, improving health is one of CRH's key tasks to ensure people's livelihood.

    Through eight years' development, CR Healthcare has improved service quality, delivering compassionate services in every section of the hospital.

    In November 2021, a rare snowstorm hit Fuxin. The thick snow impeded travel and endangered dialysis patients' lives.In response, our medical staf from the blood puriication department of the General Hospital of Mining Industrial Group Fuxin ("Fuxin Hospital") remained at their posts and coordinated with the traic department and other members of the community to transport over 200 patients to the hospital safely. This truly demonstrated their commitment of "All for Health" and put Director Zhang's "6C" service system to the test.

    Sincere Communication

    "Walking Miles for Health" is one of early initiatives launched by Fuxin Hospital to build a patient service system. In face of medical scarcity and illness-triggered poverty in rural areas, Fuxin Hospital's medical experts led by Director Zhang Bing have extended their medical services to 36 townships in Fumeng County.

    Through sincere and consistent service and communication eforts, Zhang Bing and the medical staf have established strong relationships with villagers, village doctors, and health centers. "Nowadays, villagers have made friends with many of our doctors, which is in stark contrast with their initial suspicion and resistance." Zhang Bing said.

    Over the past three years, our free medical services have been normalized. Our medical staf have traversed numerous places such as streets, communities, nursing homes and kindergartens. They overcame challenging travel conditions and bad weather and gave up holidays. All of these were driven by their "desire to do something good for the people".

    Whether providing free medical services outside of the hospital or conducting home visits after discharge, Zhang Bing has seen irsthand the helplessness and inconvenience that patients often face when seeking medical care. In the past, patients would have to travel from clinic to clinic and window for various tasks such as payment and consultations. To reduce waiting times and make life easier for them, Zhang Bing launched the "six one stop" service in 2020.

    "In the past, patients had to take round trips for their diagnostic seals, but after the one stop service center was completed,  patients can get everything done at one window." Zhang Bing said, "At the one-stop center, patients can seek assistance with medical insurance, medical services, and any diagnostic issues.More than 90% of problems can be resolved through this service."

    That said, Fuxin Hospital's care for patients goes beyond medical treatment. In 2022, Zhang Bing introduced the "narrative nursing" model and set up a narrative nursing team. "Narrative nursing comes from short essays and psychological communication," Zhang Bing explained. This style of nursing focuses on patients' uniqueness, where we guide patients to talk, and we accompany, support and respect them according to their unique circumstances based on a full understanding of their conditions.

    For narrative nursing, Zhang Bing requires "every staf to be a trauma healer." To this end, nursing staf need to identify helpful experiences as patients recall them and rewrite negative parts with positive ones so that patients can reorganize themselves and get conidence and encouragement. "Sincere communication is very important," He emphasized.

    "It's a form of psychological communication with patients. Hospitals cannot be a place that only treats diseases," Zhang Bing further explained. For example, the pediatric ward's joyful and vibrant design caters for children's aesthetic and psychological needs, while easing their fear and their parents' anxiety. Therefore, he also leads the medical staf to provide services such as 24-hour Q&A on WeChat, online science popularization, and home visits, ensuring daily communication with patients can be maintained.

    Attentive Services

    Liaoning Health Industry Group, the parent company of the Fuxin Hospital, was formally merged into CR Healthcare in 2019. Since then, with the support of the Group, Director Zhang Bing has addressed the hospital's challenges in aspects such as inance, talent, and discipline, while gradually establishing and improving its "6C" patient service system (comprehensive coverage, comprehensive radiation, comprehensive promotion, comprehensive empowerment, comprehensive inspection and comprehensive innovation) within three years.

    "When I irst arrived at the hospital, it was 2019 and online payment was already very popular, but we hadn't implemented it yet," Zhang Bing recalled. "Patients had to pay in cash for registration, even if it was just RMB 8.30 or RMB 8.10. Seeing the anxiety this caused for patients in emergency situations, I was determined to make a change." Within a week, Zhang Bing introduced online payment for all services.

    In 2020, Zhang Bing traveled to Shenyang to study emergency center development, despite the challenging weather conditions of strong winds and heavy snow. Despite having malfunctioning windshield wipers during his journey, he continued after getting them repaired at a service area, leaving a strong impression on the director of the Shenyang Emergency Center.

    Thanks to Zhang Bing's tireless eforts, Fuxin Hospital established the Emergency Center, Stroke Center, Wound Trauma Center, and Endoscopy Center in the irst quarter of this year alone. Such settings enabled Fuxin Hospital to maintain an industry-leading success rate for emergency treatment in the city despite the ivefold increase in patients' volume at the peak of the pandemic. After the rehabilitation ward was established, it was even more diicult to ind an available bed, with the bed utilization rate of 116% in the month.

    "Without good word-of-mouth, disciplinary development will be questioned; when discipline develops, the patient service system will develop with it. This process drives the hospital's  development," Zhang Bing explained. Disciplinary development is a pivotal part in building the "6C" system, and complements patient services.

    In 2021, the Fuxin Hospital established the irst 24-hour health service hotline in Fuxin city. Every day at 8:10 a.m., Zhang Bing, in the meeting room, attentively listens to the work report from the on-duty staf and addresses any daily complaints. Arrangements are immediately made to solve any problems cited. By serving as a bridge that connects people's hearts, the service hotline has signiicantly improved people's happiness and safety. Along with the hospital's warm lighting project, it has become a nighttime landmark in Fuxin.

    "We have achieved our targets through three years of hard work, starting with healing in 2020, followed by recovery in 2021, and inally growth in 2022," exclaimed Zhang Bing. "We made it!"

    According to Zhang Bing, with each new stage of growth, the hospital faces a new set of challenges that must be addressed step by step. These problems include disciplinary development, WeChat payment, air-conditioner installation, energy saving measures, and designing small windows at children's height on the doors of the children's ward. All of these relect CRH's warmth in building its patient service system.

    After three years' development under his leadership, the hospital's outpatient capacity has reached nearly 3,000 from less than 1,000, and patient satisfaction has risen from 70 80% to nearly 100%.

    "We hope the patient service system can really help patients both physically and psychologically," said Zhang Bing. "It is our mission that drives us to do so. Despite some daily and ordinary routines feeling mundane, our medical staf has continued to portray a warm and friendly image through their professional treatment and sincere services. This paints a clear picture where CR Healthcare can practice its mission of‘All for Health’ ."

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