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Leadership Development

In 2012, with the official establishment of the China Resources University and Professional Institutes for Strategic Business Units (SBUs), CR's three-level talent cultivation system was formed. This system comprises the "Senior Leadership Development Program" to develop a backup pool for CR management, the "CR Way – Outstanding Manager Training Program" to cultivate middle managers, and the "Stars of the Future Training Camp" for new employees. Different courses have been designed targeting different levels, while supporting systems – such as leadership development centers and assessment centers – are constantly enhanced. By focusing on the cultivation of industry leaders, middle and base-level management talent, functional and industry specialists, the overall quality of the group's talent teams is enhanced.

Senior Leadership Development Program - "Class 60". The 24-month China Resources Group's Senior Leadership Development Program "Class 60" ran from February 2009 to January 2011. A total of 37 senior managers participated, including leaders from the group, different departments, SBUs, and grade-1 profit centers. The objective was to cultivate a group of outstanding leaders who possess international vision, who are dedicated and capable of bringing success to CR.

The "Class 60" program was designed based on the leadership quality model, and lasted for 18 months. The course content revolved around the three key modules of "Attaining Market Leadership", "Creating Organizational Advantages", and "Driving Value Orientation". Different development approaches were used in the program, such as classroom training, counselling and coaching, and on-the-job training.

Senior Leadership Development Program — "Class 70". The 18-month program ran from August 2011 to February 2013. Forty-nine senior managers from group departments, SBUs, and grade-1 profit centers participated.

The "Class 70" program adhered to the principle of independent design, with a further emphasis on tailoring and customization The quality requirements were outlined in function of "self understanding", "plan formulation", and "capability development". Development goals for eight leadership qualities were established based on the characteristics of the target position or role – with in-depth, layer-by-layer elaboration through the four modules of "Self Leadership", "Team Leadership", "Business Leadership", and "Organizational Leadership.

Senior Leadership Development Program — "Class 80" ran from July 2013 to January 2015, for a period of 18 months. 43 students participated in through voluntary applications and company recommendations and assessments. The curriculum of "Class 80" consisted of five modules: "Self Leadership", "Business Leadership", "Team Leadership", "Organizational Leadership" and "Capability Enhancement". Each module comprised several development units.

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