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STORY II —— IGUOPIN Initiative Building a "Reservoir" of Young Talents

Jian Yi General Manager of Human Resources Dept, China Resources Group
  • On 29 July 2022, CRH and Yangshipin held a "Job Recruitment Live Stream" event at China Resources Tower in Shenzhen.

    "The 6-hour live stream ofered more than 1,000 jobs from CRH's 21 business units in six sectors," said Jian Yi, General Manager of Human Resources Dept of CRH. This event achieved high-quality results and exceeded the expectations set by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, which was to promote the employment of college graduates and young individuals. Furthermore, it has comprehensively fulilled SASAC's goals and objectives regarding the employment of college graduates.

    "Employment is a fundamental aspect of people's livelihood. The employment of college graduates is not only essential to their own well-being, but also crucial to the economic development and social stability of China." Jian Yi pointed out that the high quality recruitment results of CRH not only supports the high-quality development of the Group's strategy and business, but also contributes to the formation of a favorable atmosphere for state-owned and central enterprises to promote employment.

    "We encourage business units to make recruitment both online and ofine through multiple channels and diferent forms. This event adopted a way favored by young people, and innovatively introduced live streams, online seminars, live camp visits, and other activities, creating a sound atmosphere." Jian Yi said.

    During the live stream, each business unit provided a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the enterprise, covering various dimensions such as the current business situation, job details, working environment, personal development, and remuneration packages. To encourage interaction and idea exchange among young people, we also included a specially designed lucky draw session, which received positive feedback.

    Many applicants learned for the irst time that various familiar brands, such as C'estbon, Snow, Vanguard, Sanjiu, Double-Crane, and more turned out to be owned by CRH. "This has played a crucial role in enhancing CRH's social inluence and establishing its good image to assume social responsibility and support employment," continued Jian Yi.

    This event has been broadcasted synchronously across various online platforms, including the live stream on Yangshipin APP and IGUOPIN video account, as well as coverage on 12 self-media platforms, such as Weibo, Zhihu, bilibili, Baidu, TikTok, Kuaishou, Tencent News, among others. Jian Yi said, "These innovative forms and means perfectly presented CRH's development history, corporate culture, talent concept, and training system, and received unexpected results."

    The "Future Star" new employee training camp is a traditional, high-quality training program at CRH. For this recruitment, a "live camp visit" session was added to enhance on-site interactivity and provide a better experience for the participants. This session also helped to increase the connection between the company and fresh graduates, leading to a continued positive impact that will continue to grow and develop.

    Zhong Weiqi, a post-90s generation Hong Kong employee, joined CR Power a year ago. As a talent development specialist of the Human Resources and Administration Department of CR Power South China, he was invited to participate in the "live camp visit" to talk about how he grew up from a newcomer to become part of the backbone of the Group's young people with his personal experience.

    "Within two days, I recorded the Cantonese and Mandarin versions of the video and also completed the English subtitles." Although the task was challenging, Zhong Weiqi was thrilled. "The dissemination efect is fantastic, the ‘Job Recruitment Live Stream’attracted 80,000 views on the Guangdong Provincial Youth League Committee's WeChat account as soon as it was launched; the‘ live camp visit’on YouTube is also very eye catching, drawing a lot of fan engagement and praise!"

    Jian Yi shared a set of inspiring igures: "The total hits on the live stream page of Yangshipin alone reached 13.24 million, and the cumulative actual online viewership reached 1.811 million, fully reaching key job-seeking groups such as college graduates." He pointed out that the IGUOPIN Initiative not only provided 6,003 families of graduates with basic life protection for their children's employment, but also provided a reserve of talents for the innovative and diversiied development of CRH's business.

    "This year, the Group has opened up all summer recruitment positions in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area for college graduates from Hong Kong", said Zhong Weiqi. He hopes to become a bridge between CRH and young people in Hong Kong and Macau, and attract Hong Kong talents to join the CRH family by sharing his career development story and introducing CRH's corporate culture.

    Zhong Weiqi was able to join CR Power Hong Kong through the "Spring Shoot Project," launched by CRH headquarters inHong Kong in 2020. The project aims to provide 2,000 jobs over three years to boost the Hong Kong economy and promote employment. As part of the Career Swap Experience Series, the project promotes cross-business-unit linkages, showcases the Group's diverse business operations to new hires, and ofers opportunities to experience diferent positions. This approach helps participants gain a better understanding of CRH's culture and develop a stronger connection to the company.

    "The‘Spring Shoot Project’is one of the lagship training programs launched by our Learning and Innovation Center. In addition, we also have other programs, such as Excellent Young Cadre Training Course’,‘CRH Philosophy’, and‘Excellent Manager Training Course’" said Li Kun, member of the executive committee and provost of the Learning and Innovation Center of CRH. He also said that recruited talents will be assigned to roles that best it their skills. Historically, the Group's leaders have always attached great importance to talent development. This is why CRH has established a hierarchical and categorized training system, which was especially designed to empower employees' growth and fuel our sustainable development.

    "Respect human values, develop human potential, and elevate the human mind" is CRH's concept of talent development. Under the inluence of CRH's corporate culture, Zhong Weiqi submitted an application to join the Party and became a Party activist. He was also selected to serve as CRH's Ambassador. Zhong Weiqi said: "In the future, I hope to combine the Youth League's work with talent cultivation and contribute to the building of CRH's talent system."

    According to statistics, in 2022, the "IGUOPIN Initiative" planned by the Human Resources Dept of CRH signed contracts with 6,003 college graduates, which exceeded SASAC's requirements by 581. The actual arrival of graduates to their posts was 5,776, whichexceeded SASAC's requirements by 893. This demonstrates that we have not only completed the task to a high standard, but have also exceeded the required amount.

    Jian Yi is well aware of the importance of young talents to the country and CRH's development, "We will deeply implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the youth's work, the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference, and the requirements of SASAC's Talent Work Conference. We will also enhance our comprehensive talent system with suicient talent reserves to build a state-owned capital investment company with CRH characteristics and a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness."

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