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Technology and Emerging Sectors
CR Enterprise

The investment incubation platform for Hong Kong and international emerging sectors

Retail chain of daily necessities in Hong Kong’s core business districts with the city’s second-largest warehousing logistics coverage

CR Microelectronics

China’s leading semiconductor company in

Top 10 semiconductor, power device and MEMS manufacturers

MOSFET manufacturers with leading domestic revenue, and a full range of products series, ranking first among local enterprises

CR Chemical Materials

Industry-leading company in term of market share in China

2.1 million tons of annual production capacity of food-grade PET ranking 3 rd in China and 5 th in the world

CR Environment Protection

Owns 106 wholly-owned or holding companies and two funds in China

Develops provincial environmental protection platforms, water supply projects and solid waste initiatives in various regions such as Inner Mongolia, the Greater Bay Area and the Yangtze River Delta

CR Digital

A reliable leader in digital technology services

national cross-industry and cross-area industrial Internet platform, national digital think tank, 4 national high-tech enterprises, 1 digital economy research center, provincial engineering technology research center

CR Modern Services

Committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the modern service industry with important market influence in Hong Kong and the Mainland

Its intellectual property company was selected as one of the "Top Ten Influential Brands of China's Intellectual Property"in 2022 by the World Brand Lab

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