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Make Amazing Changing

if You Join Run Ma

  • At 8:00 in the morning, the race started. From a bird’s eye view, Shenzhen gulf was filled with yellow dots.

    The men’s 10km world record is 26’18’’. Professional athletes can complete the race in less than 40 minutes and amateurs usually finish the distance in slightly more than an hour. Those who can make it in less than 45 minutes can be regarded as an excellent runner. After 37 minutes, Jiang Huahua became the first to reach the finishing line. To our surprise, he is an employee of CR Land instead of a professional athlete. Actually, this is not an official marathon race, but an activity organized by RUN MA. But for Jiang Huahua and his colleagues, every activity, including the “Happy Run” 10km Marathon race organized by RUN MA for CR employees, is an opportunity for them to challenge their own limits.

    RUN MA is an organization founded by CR employees with a passion for running. Like running a Marathon race, the organization also went through six stages: planning, starting, speeding up, looking ahead, strengthening beliefs and accumulating experience.

    In 2013, when Han Yuewei, Vice President of CR Land, joined the Qianhai Project Team, he found that CR employees often have to work overtime. He believed that as a people- oriented enterprise, CR should not only focus on arranging regular health checks for employees and the prevention of occupational diseases, but also the problem of sub-health and psychological pressure. An idea came to Han’s mind – organizing running activities.

    In 2014, the CR Land Qianhai Team “Running Group” was established. Members of the Group, encouraged by the idea of “work happily and live elegantly”, participated in the 2014 Shenzhen International Marathon in November, which made the Group famous in the local area, laying a solid foundation for the establishment of RUN MA.

    On 25th April 2015, RUN MA organized the first “Shenzhen Gulf Happy Run for CR Employees in Shenzhen” activity, which immediately won active response from CR staff. Since then, RUN MA has been growing fast under the guidance of the philosophy of “putting employees first” and the support of CR Group and business units of all levels.

    By the end of 2016, 27 branches of RUN MA have been established all over China, radiating 10 provinces and municipalities, covering 15 CR SBU and BU with 4500 members. In 2015 alone, CR employees covered a total distance of 600,000 kilometers, equaling to circling the Earth for 15 times. Apart from organizing races, RUN MA is also committed to the popularization of sports science through organizing more than 10 thematic lectures on running and more than 30 systematic long-distant running trainings and Marathon trainings. Through trainings on Marathon and lectures on sports science, the running technique of RUN MA members was greatly improved. Up to now, RUN MA has extended its influence to more than one million people through organizing races, trainings, lectures and public activities.

    Sports make life better. The establishment of RUN MA has brought many changes to CR employees. For example, He Xiaosong from CR Land ran for 310 times, covering a distance of 1,800 kilometers from October 2014 to February 2016, losing 22 kilograms of body weight and reducing body fat by 10%. Running has not only improved his physical condition and appearance, but also his attitude towards life. “Every day, when I go out, I’m always curious and optimistic. In the past, I used to feel tired whenever I started to work, but now, I’m always energetic, especially after running for a while.” Said He Xiaosong.

    He Xiaosong said

    Sports also make CR employees closer. Some found good friends, some found their beloved ones and some encouraged their parents, children and wives and husbands to join RUN MA.

    Every RUN MA member is a living advertisement bringing RUN MA to all corners of the country, leading to a positive and healthy lifestyle and promoting the corporate culture of CR in the society.

    The name, “China Resources”, incorporates the auspicious meaning, “The Great Land of China is Endowed with Abundant Resources”. Master Yan’s “hua” character “China”, is made of four “ren” characters “people” in the middle. It is a reflection of CR people who are willing to take the responsibility to make the Group stronger and more prosperous. Apart from caring for the physical and mental health of employees, CR also cares for occupational health through organizing occupational training, establishing career development platforms, providing competitive salary and welfare system and creating a favorable work and cultural environment.

    Taking a people-oriented approach to care for employees and build an energetic team of employees is the driving force for CR to prosper against the vicissitudes of history in the past 80 years. With the help of the high quality employee team, CR will always bear in mind the nation and the people to expand its influence and become stronger.

  • Tremendous Responsibility Behind a Simple Story

    Apart from organizing RUN MA, CR is also committed to fulfilling the responsibility of employees. CR Group and businesses of all levels organized a series of activities for employees in reference to practical work to have established a unique, popular platform for team building and brand activity projects, including the lecture on health, reading activity and “Happy Farm” organized by CR Enterprise, CR Power, CR Microelectronics and CR Property; The rest exercise and “100 Steps Per Day” organized by the Department of Information, EHS Department, CR Land, CR Bank, CR999 and CR Vanguard as well as the dating parties, employee clubs and sports events organized by enterprises of all levels. These activities aim at helping employees to release their pressure and keep them healthy physically and psychologically. CR not only makes full use of these activities to advocate a healthy lifestyle and create a favorable work and cultural environment, but also focuses on creating a career development channel to promote the growth and occupational health of employees and make great efforts to build an effective, vigorous and happy CR family.

  • Our Philosophy

    CR regards employees as the key to making extraordinary achievement, respects the efforts of each employee and tries its best to protect their basic rights and interests through strengthening democratic management, establishing a staff salary growth mechanism and developing harmonious labor relations to provide a greater platform and better environment for staff to fully unleash their potential. At the same time, CR also attaches great importance to helping vulnerable staff, improving the happiness index of employees and building an efficient and energetic CR family.

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