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Become a Better West Lake Spring


  • It is still not time for the restaurant to open, but customers who are eager to taste authentic Jiangsu and Zhejiang food served in Spring has already lined up outside Jiangnan Cook Restaurant on the fourth floor of MIXC. This reminds Zhang Xiaoguang, owner of the restaurant, of the early days of the brand 13 years ago.

    In 2004, CR Land MIXC was built and put into operation. Based on business positioning and consumer needs, West Lake Spring was invited to open a new restaurant in the complex. By then, West Lake Spring was just an ordinary restaurant on Gangsun Road. CR found Zhang Xiaoguang and asked if he wanted to upgrade the brand and open a new restaurant.

    A new restaurant? Zhang Xiaoguang thought it a good idea. But he had no experience in running restaurants in a shopping mall. Besides, it will certainly not be easy to create a new brand. Many questions popped up in his mind: in the short term, where is the location? How to arrange for the dishes? How to furnish? What about the rent, the labor cost and the cost for power and water? In the long term, what is the cultural connotation and core value of the new catering brand?

    Zhang Xiaoguang negotiated and discussed with the CR MIXC team over related issues. First of all, in terms of location, CR proposed the location on the fourth floor facing the elevator, which helps to ensure the flow of customers. In order to distinguish the existing West Lake Spring brand from the new one and emphasize the character of Hangzhou dish, CR proposed to change the name of the new restaurant to “Jiangnan Cook”. In concept design, CR helped Zhang Xiaoguang to establish the tone of the new brand – more delicate style targeting at white collar workers. Subsequent adjustments were also made to the dishes, the display, the name design and the furnishing of the restaurant.

    But Zhang Xiaoguang was still a little confused as for how to run the business. Therefore, CR team took Zhang Xiaoguang to Hong Kong to visit and learn from outstanding restaurants such as Crystal Jade and Zheng Dou Ji. Zhang Xiaoguang learned a lot from these restaurants from layout to furniture and decoration. Coming back from Hong Kong, he felt the idea become a lot clearer. Soon, Jiangnan Cook was opened in MIXC and became popular immediately.

    Jiangnan Cook in MIXC is the first successful attempt of West Lake Spring to transform from an ordinary restaurant to a shopping mall based restaurant. After a decade of development, Jiangnan Cook has become a well-known and widely recognized catering brand, winning the title of “Top Ten Chinese Restaurants” and “International Famous Restaurant” from China Restaurant Association and getting the certification of “quality and credible service demonstration organization” given by China Market Credit Construction Organization Committee. Jiangnan Cook has created huge economic value for West Lake Spring.

    After the MIXC subway station was put into use, CR assisted Zhang Xiaoguang to open the first “Jiangnan Taste” Brand Restaurant, attracting a large number of consumers.

    Those who are wise learn from past experience, the two successful attempts serve as a force to expand his catering landscape. Now, West Lake has established four brands: “West Lake Spring”, “Jiangnan Cook”, “Jiangnan Taste” and “Yuexiu Pinguo” with 20 mid and high level restaurants being opened.

    The initial design of Jiangnan Cook was done with the help of the MIXC team. The glass wall placed in front of the door had been there since the restaurant was furnished for the first time and had been regarded and cherished as a mascot by Zhang Xiaoguang. The friendship with CR is what Zhang Xiaoguang values the most.

    “Making friends with customers and making friends with property owners” is the business philosophy of Zhang Xiaoguang. In his eyes, his relation with CR has gone beyond the contract signed between ordinary customers and property owners. Other shopping malls usually give favorable conditions to business owners but increase the rent by a large margin every year. MIXC, however, never had such unequal clause, instead, it never increased the property management fee. Therefore, Zhang Xiaoguang has decided that where there is MIXC, there is Jiangnan Cook.

    CR is willing to grow together with every customer and help them to create greater value. Every complex built by CR Land has witnessed the likes of Jiangnan Cook. Leading the business progress and build a better life together, this is the mission of CR Group.

  • Tremendous Responsibility Behind a Simple Story

    In every sector, customers are growing together with CR Group. CR has been committed to carrying out its customer responsibility through actively promoting comprehensive quality control and management in subsidiary business of all levels and establishing and improving product and service standards to extend quality control to upper stream and lower stream industries. CR makes great efforts to better understand the need of customers and constantly innovate service models. In this way, CR is able to meet the diversified need of customers through personalized and value-added services to comprehensively improve the quality of services.

  • Our Philosophy

    Becoming a trusted and popular global brand has always been our goal as most of our operations are closely related to everyday life. we are committed to providing quality and safe products and services and identifying the potential demand of customers; we encourage more people to participate in innovation in an open way to integrate new technologies with outstanding business models to achieve impressive results; we attach great importance to creating better consumer experience and listening to their advice so as to improve the consumer relation management system and develop together with consumers. These are the key to excellency.

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