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Female Leadership

Pursuing Excellency to be the Best Self

  • In the ever-changing business world, female employees created huge value for CR Group with their hard work and strong sense of responsibility. Now, 48% of all employees and 17.1% of managers are women. In the crucial period of transition and innovation, CR Group needs diversified perspectives and multi-cultural insights to provide the tailored and experience-based products and services that users are looking for in the era of upgraded consumption. This new trend, in turn, created more and greater career opportunities for women. Against such background, CR Group began to wonder: how to better care about female employees? How to create more career channels for female employees and how to improve their overall skills?

    The "Female Leadership" Program provides the answer to all these questions. However, different voices also emerged: is it necessary to emphasize female leadership in CR where insights and ability are the sole criteria for talent selection? Is leadership a gender-based concept? Is the program itself a bias towards women?

    After thorough research, it is found that female leadership programs have been in existence for several decades around the world, and are now gaining popularity in China. Leadership is not a gender-based concept, but women do have unique features that could be turned into unique advantages in doing business. At the same time, social and cultural stereotypes and hidden biases do prevent women to fully unleash their potential. Based on these considerations, CR Group finally decided to launch the Female Leadership Program to support the development of female employees in a more targeted manner.

    CR Female Leadership Program integrated the latest research results and the best resources in the field in relation to the development strategy of the Group. The program provides female managers under the direct leadership of CR Group with female leadership inclass trainings for twice a year and offers female leadership online courses under the CR University manager training program for local female managers and all female employees. In the future, CR Group will continue to explore for the establishment of a female manager training and development mechanism.

    The first training session on 8th and 9th March included a forum discussion, lectures and a variety of courses on floriculture and zither. In the group discussions, male managers were invited as guests to interact with female managers to inspire new thoughts and fresh insights and achieve mutual improvement of capabilities and skills. Participants of benefited from the event in multiple dimensions: some felt the importance CR Group attached to women; some realized that the characteristics of women could be a double-edged sword in their work; some found out that they share the same doubts and problems with their co-workers and summoned up the courage to improve themselves in the future; some found their goals in career development and began to work hard towards that goal and some became relaxed in the art appreciation classes and became more elega

    The effects of the training are soon reflected in the daily work of these female managers. Mao Weiman, Assisting Director of the Auditing Department of CR Group was deeply impressed by the relation and interaction among value leadership, vision leadership and strategy leadership analyzed in the course of Female Leadership Philosophy, which reminded her of the words of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg "great leaders not only pool in the wisdom of their team members, but also win their hearts". The course allowed her to understand leadership from a philosophical perspective and made her realize that the key to strong leadership is common belief and value in the team. Upon returning from the training, Mao Weiman, who used to directly tell her team what to do and how to do, began to communicate with the team on why should they do like this. To her surprise, after figuring out why, the team came up with much more good ideas than she could possibly come up with by herself. "It is like opening the door to a bigger world. I was able to significantly improve the capabilities as a manager"

    During all these years, Dai Hong is either at Ole' or on her way to it. Sometimes, she has to take her daughter to meetings. Like other women, Dai Hong is faced with the cliché question of "how to balance career and family". The female leadership training sessions provided a new perspective on the definition of balance. Some people think that family and kids are the most important; some people think that being who you are is the most important; some people think that providing financial support to the family is the most important and some people think that keeping the family company is the most important. Women leaders are different from each other. But they all need to figure out their real self. People with different motivations and definitions for balance have the right to make different choices. What everyone needs to do is to find where one's passion lies. Every road leads to success as long as you choose the one you really want to choose.

    Although feeling sorry for her daughter for lack of company, Dai Hong encouraged her daughter that "women need to have their own career" and passed down the passion and love for her own career on to her little girl, which has had a positive influence on her daughter's growth. Now, her daughter has grown up and is as optimistic as her. The girl would always go to Ole' to provide her suggestions to her mother's work from the perspective of a customer. This makes Dai Hong so proud. She admires women who fear no obstacles in pursuing a successful career, she admires women who can take good care of their families and children, she also admires women who always keep themselves young and beautiful. But now, she's more determined than ever that choosing Ole' is the best choice she's made as it is where her passion lies.

    For Dai Hong, the most valuable thing the Female Leadership Program has taught her is sharing. As a women manager, she likes to learn from others and from the seemingly boring daily routines. She used the elements in the stores she went into on the street, she felt the responsibility of a mother when she saw the store manager staying up all night carrying goods, she communicates with colleagues while visiting the stores every day, and in doing so, influences and encourages fellow workers. In the Female Leadership Program. Dai Hong had the opportunity to hear other women managers to share their own stories, which are nearly impossible to learn about if not for this program. Some of the stories impressed her a lot. The heroines decisively pursued their own dreams and never gave up even in times of frustration and confusion. They could always survive all kinds of challenges and obstacles and earn a place in the ever-changing business world. She also saw herself from the stories of others, found her own identity, got emotional support and got inspiration for greater success. The things she learned in the program exerted a positive influence on her work and family and gradually enabled her to unleash greater potential.

    Although the program was at the beginning stage, CR believes that it will sow the seed of strength, warmth and happiness that encourages 200,000 women employees in CR to pursue excellency together and be the best self.

  • Tremendous Responsibility Behind a Simple Story

    The Female Leadership Program is a good attempt in improving the overall quality of women managers. CR has always been regarding employees as the key to achieving success. On the one hand, it constantly strengthens talent development and improves the talent development system. The "four-level" (industrial leaders, talents in key positions, professional talents and young talents) and "three-category" (innovative talents, international talents and capital management talents) talent development system provides employees with huge room and equal opportunity for development. On the other hand, CR Group cares about employees in every aspect of their life. For example, CR organized sport activities such as jogging, hiking, running and shadow boxing, promoted "exercise during breaks" and "body-building exercise" to guide employees to balance life and work. Now, more and more CR companies begin to organize carnivals and family days to help employees' families to understand and recognize CR culture and give all employees a decent life.

  • Our Philosophy

    As a state-owned company with 80 years of history, CR regards employees as the most valuable wealth, advocates and follows the "people-oriented" concept, respects people's values, develops people's potential and sublimates people's hearts. It strives to empower the staff, care for the life, emotion and growth of the staff, stimulate positive energy out of them, provide them with a broad career platform, a good corporate culture and competitive work returns, and attract the best talents.

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