CR Pharmaceutical met with the delegation from Democratic Republic of Congo
2021-07-21,CR Pharmaceutical

On 8 July 2021, the delegation led by First Secretary of the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in China Jock visited CR Pharmaceutical Holdings (“CR Pharma”) to exchange views and ideas on diagnostic reagents export business, and to understand CR Pharma’s diagnostic reagent business as well as its capability to export products so as to lay the foundation for mutually beneficial collaboration in future.

In his speech, Jock highly commended the comprehensive strength and future strategic planning of CR Pharma. At the same time, he expressed the concern of the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo about the project and its implementation. The party in charge of CR Pharma reaffirmed the success of the interaction in addressing concerns and expectations of both parties on the "Diagnostic Reagent Export Business Project between CR Pharma and the Democratic Republic of Congo”. Through this meeting, both parties were further aligned in terms of strategic thinking and mutual trust, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.