CR Double-Crane became sole developer, manufacturer and distributor of Novita Pharmaceuticals' new anti-tumor drug in Greater China
2021-07-22,CR Double-Crane

CR Double-Crane Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd (“CR Double-Crane”) announced that it was authorized solely to develop, manufacture and commercialize Novita Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s (“Novita Pharmaceuticals”) new target Fascin protein inhibitor NP-G2-044 in the Greater China Region (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) on 21 July. An online signing ceremony was held on the same day.


Novita Pharmaceuticals, a US pharmaceutical company, is committed to research and development of original and groundbreaking anti-cancer drugs that can block cancer metastasis and spread, and enhance anti-cancer immune response. The Fascin protein inhibitor NP-G2-044 is a new small molecule compound developed by Novita Pharmaceuticals. Fascin protein is normally not expressed in normal adult epithelial cells, but it is up-regulated in some malignant tumors. According to research studies, the expression is highly related to tumor invasion and metastasis. NP-G2-044 is the world's first small molecule inhibitor that works in Fascin protein which can effectively inhibit the function of Fascin protein and reduce the proportion of tumor invasion and tumor metastasis. Currently, phase I clinical trials of the compound have completed and phase II clinical trials are underway in the United States. The compound is expected to fill the gap in tumor metastasis treatment as a potential oral drug to control tumor metastasis.

CR Double-Crane plans to submit a clinical trial application (IND) to the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) by the end of this year or early next year. The collaboration between CR Double-Crane and Novita Pharmaceuticals represents part of its “14th Five-Year Plan” strategy by accelerating the transformation towards innovation and quality development, expanding the R&D pipeline of oncological products, and improving overall R&D and innovation capabilities.