CY Leung attended the unveiling ceremony of the cooperation between HKCCC and RUN HK
2020-11-04,CR Land

On 3 November 2020, Guangxi China Resources Building, a new landmark in Guangxi meticulously built by China Resources Land (“CR Land”), was officially completed. On the same day, the RUN HK Guangxi-Hong Kong Industrial Innovation Centre and the Hong Kong Youth (Mainland) Entrepreneurship Service Centre held an unveiling ceremony in the Guangxi China Resources Building where both centres are housed. CY Leung, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (“CPPCC”), Sun Dawei, Party Secretary of the CPPCC Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and Pan Jiarong, Chairman of the Hong Kong (Region) Chamber of Commerce in China-Guangxi (“HKCCC”) attended the ceremony.

Vice Chairman CY Leung said career development of young people in Hong Kong is not only a matter of social stability but also a question of how to make good use of Hong Kong talents. As such, the Mainland should jointly provide more channels for the development of young people in Hong Kong, and at the same time help them understand the development trends so that they can seize the opportunities offered by the country, which is expected to ultimately strengthen Hong Kong youth's confidence in "one country" while creating synergy of "two systems", and encourage the younger generation to participate in the development of their country. He stated that the Run Accelerator of CR Land and HKCCC-Guangxi jointly created the RUN HK Guangxi-Hong Kong Industrial Innovation Centre and the Hong Kong Youth (Mainland) Entrepreneurship Service Centre to provide more opportunities and choices and larger career development platform for young people, helping them adapt to the development in Guangxi and contribute to Guangxi-Hong Kong industrial innovation.

RUN HK Guangxi-Hong Kong Industrial Innovation Centre is an industry accelerator under CR Land and an international industrial innovation platform jointly established with HKCCC Guangxi. Housed in Guangxi China Resources Building and supported by the quality resources of China Resources, HKCCC and ASEAN enterprises, RUN HK is well positioned to help the enterprises in the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”) to establish a foothold in Guangxi and help Guangxi enterprises expand outside the province. It also plays a significant role in driving technological advancement and innovation of Guangxi-Hong Kong enterprises, as well as Guangxi's industrial innovation and upgrading. The Hong Kong Youth Mainland Entrepreneurship Service Centre is a multi-functional and complex Hong Kong youth community with start-up office as its core, integrating work, social interaction and learning.

CR Land and HKCCC will join hands with GBA and the autonomous region to integrate the world's best resources in industry, education, research, investment, and innovation to form a "think tank" that provides one-stop professional services for for Guangxi and Hong Kong enterprises. On one hand, the alliance fully responds to the national policies and measures to encourage Hong Kong and Macao compatriots to work and set up businesses in the Mainland and actively implement innovative talent acquisition strategies by attracting high-calibre and innovative talents in the GBA, which provide strong support for Guangxi's development. On the other hand, the initiative offers a gateway for entrepreneurship development in the Mainland for Hong Kong youths as well as a platform for Hong Kong and Mainland entrepreneurs to learn from each other and provide business opportunities for the young entrepreneurs.