Runfeng Cement’s 2020 Brand Value Exceeds RMB50 billion
2020-06-29,CR Cement

On 28 June 2020, CR Cement announced the brand valuation report presented by the World Brand Lab on its proprietary brand Runfeng Cement. According to the report, Runfeng Cement’s 2020 brand value reached RMB51.958 billion.

World Brand Lab is an international and professional brand study organization that offers intangible asset valuations from which many corporations rely on for merger and acquisition deals. Since 2014, CR Cement has been implementing its brand strategy by decoding the market in an in-depth manner, and has developed its brand building roadmap in which “quality” is at the core of its brand positioning. On 28 June 2016, CR Cement launched the “Runfeng Cement” brand as the Company’s major brand in Mainland China by restructuring and unifying its previous brands “Runfeng”, “Hongshuihe” and “Haidao”. Subsequent to the launch of the new brand, the Company continued to upgrade its brand system.

Effective implementation of the corporate branding strategy and brand management and protection are priorities of CR Cement’s effort in enhancing its core competitiveness to cope with market opportunities and challenges. The Company will identify Runfeng Cement’s brand strengths and weaknesses systematically and develop its brand strategies and communication plans according to the assessment report so as to improve the quality of its brand building initiatives and constantly enhance the brand value of Runfeng Cement during the “14th Five-Year Plan”.