CR Enterprise renames as China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company Limited
2015-10-17,CR Enterprise

On October 12, CR Enterprise held an extraordinary general meeting and passed the resolution to change the company’s name from “China Resources Enterprise, Limited” to “China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company Limited” (in English), along with its Chinese name from “华润创业有限公司” to “华润啤酒(控股)有限公司”. CR Enterprise obtained the Certificate of Change of Name from Hong Kong Companies Registry on October 16, 2015.

As of 9AM on October 23, 2015, CR Enterprise’s Chinese abbreviation was changed from “华润创业” to “华润啤酒”, and the English abbreviation changed from “China Resources Enterprise” to “China Resources Beer” with its stock code “291” remained unchanged. The Board of Directors believed that the new names posted a more articulate branding identification and served better to realize the Company and the shareholders’ overall interests.