China Resources holds "Strive and Rise" x " China Resources Open Day" event in Hong Kong
2023-06-10,General Office

On June 10, the Group Office and the Group Staff Association, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, invited over 50 "Strive and Rise Programme" mentors and students to participate in the "China Resources Open Day" event. Lan Yi, the Vice General Manager of the Group; Yu Xiao, the Vice Chairman and President of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association; and key leaders from CR Property and CR Enterprise attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, the Vice General Manager Lan Yi encouraged the students to embrace challenges and society with courage. He expressed his hope that the "China Resources Open Day" event would help students broaden their horizons, boost their confidence, and develop positive values and goals in life. China Resources is also committed to addressing the education, employment, entrepreneurship, and housing challenges that Hong Kong’s youth face. Going forward, China Resources will continue to fully leverage its strengths to holistically support the growth and development of Hong Kong’s youth.

During the event, mentors and students visited several China Resources companies in Hong Kong. At the Chinese Arts and Crafts shop in China Resources Building, students immersed in the charm of Chinese culture through interactive activities including jade and jewellery viewing, antique appreciation, tea tasting, painting appreciation, and traditional Chinese clothing experiences. At the China Resources International Logistics Centre, students gained an in-depth understanding of the "people's warehouse" story. At the China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology, students learned about how China Resources was supporting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Hong Kong.

"Strive and Rise" is a charitable public welfare activity initiated by the Administration’s Office of the Hong Kong SAR in October 2022. It aims to help underprivileged junior high school students in Hong Kong broaden their horizons, boost their confidence, and develop positive values and goals in life. As a major contributing entity, China Resources has donated HKD 10 million to the "Strive and Rise Programme" via the China Resources Charitable Fund. Moreover, it has deployed 50 senior management personnel and key employees from its Hong Kong offices and business units to act as mentors and provide intellectual support for the program.