China Resources conducted the Youth Development Blueprint Seminar in Hong Kong
2023-03-31,CR Enterprise, Limited

China Resources (“the Group”) is proud to announce that the Youth Development Blueprint Seminar of the “Spring Sprout Plan” was held successfully on March 2 in Hong Kong. Hosted by CR Enterprise with assistance from the Group’s Youth Development Commission, Spring Sprout Youth Association, and China Resources Business School (Hong Kong), the seminar featured guest speaker Mr. Clarence Leung Wang-ching, Under Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR, together with the participation of Mr. Gordon Cheung Chun-lok, the Political Assistant to Secretary for the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau, as well as representatives of the Group’s Spring Sprout Youth Association.

Near the end of last year, the HKSAR Government unveiled the Youth Development Blueprint which expounded the government’s principles and guidelines on upcoming youth development campaigns. The blueprint proposed over 160 specific initiatives to support teenagers’ academic pursuits, career and employment, entrepreneurship, and home purchases. The seminar aimed to provide CR teens guidance to study the Youth Development Blueprint, cultivating a profound understanding of global and national development trends, while augmenting national pride and a sense of belonging in active response to national development strategies.

In his address, Mr. Clarence Leung regarded the release of the Youth Development Blueprint as the HKSAR Government's commitment to fostering youth development in a sustained and continuous manner, raising awareness from all sectors of society to nurture and support teenagers. He highlighted that the HKSAR Government strives to create a social environment that offers abundant opportunities for teens to realize their dreams, as well as cultivate their love for Mainland China and Hong Kong, global vision, professional skills, and eagerness to learn, thus contributing to the development of the country and Hong Kong. Representatives of the Group's Spring Sprout Youth Association stressed that the Group attaches great importance to youth development. In particular, the establishment of the Youth Development Commission, the restructuring of the Spring Sprout Youth Association, and the issuance of guidelines in support to the four major aspects of youth development – academic pursuits, career and employment, entrepreneurship, home purchases – demonstrates the Group’s dedication to alleviating teenagers’ burdens, and unleashing their talents to drive effective implementation and efficient execution of the Youth Development Blueprint