China Resources celebrates National Day with Hong Kong citizens
2022-09-30,General Office

Recently, China Resources Group has celebrated the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with Hong Kong citizens by introducing initiatives themed of “stabilize growth, ensure supply, send warmth and welcome the National Day” and holding celebrations around the National Day for a festive and heartwarming atmosphere.

The business units in Hong Kong continue to expand their markets and ensure supply and price stability. CR Vanguard and CR Ng Fung continue to expand their sales channels, explore innovative store operation and enrich their product portfolio; China Resources Logistics further focuses on the storage demands of daily necessities by adding nearly 1 million square feet of storage area; CR Land, CR Capital and other business units are also working to improve quality and efficiency and perform their responsibilities for stable growth. CR Vanguard, CR Ng Fung, CR Pharmaceutical and China Resources Logistics will continue to ensure the sufficient supply and price stability of Hong Kong’s anti-pandemic materials, fresh food and other daily necessities.

The Group and its business units in Hong Kong will launch over 40 internal and external celebrations with Hong Kong characteristics, including cultural activities such as visiting the Hong Kong Palace Museum and retracing local War of Resistance routes, recreational activities such as table tennis tournament, basketball tournament, hiking and poetry recitation, as well as care-for-grassroots activities such as afternoon tea gatherings, visits and gifts, which have attracted a large number of employees. The Group has hanged bright five-star red flags and celebration banners at the outside of its properties and placed a LED screens to display the slogans for the National Day, creating a festive atmosphere.