All BUs of China Resources Group (CR) are fully supporting Shanghai against the epidemic
2022-04-04,General Office

Since the beginning of spring, due to multiple factors, the local epidemic in Shanghai has shown a trend of rapid development, with the number of asymptomatic patients continuing to rise. Multistep control has been implemented in Pudong and Pu’nan, and a one-click “slow” mode has been started throughout Shanghai. A number of BUs of CR have once again mobilized, and devoted themselves to the local epidemic prevention and control work.

Vanguard (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. joined hands with the Government of Qibao Town, Minhang District and EMS China, to deliver vegetables to 177 housing estates in more than 50 neighbourhood committees in the area, so as to meet the needs of the residents for daily necessities. The delivery range was also expanded from 3 kilometres to 20 kilometres. In order to better serve the residents in the communities, CR Vanguard has also assigned a community manager to each housing estate, to handle ordering and delivering work for the residents.

CR Ng Fung (Shanghai), a subsidiary of CR Ng Fung, focuses on stabilizing the food supply for Shanghai residents and ensuring the supply of fresh meat products, with an average daily supply of over 700 pigs, and a supply of fresh meat up to nearly 1,000 tons in March, so as to ensure the supply of “Ng Fung” fresh meat of all vegetable markets, supermarkets, e-commerce platforms and other channels. Meanwhile, price control has been carried out via self-operated offline channels and online channels, and a targeted catalogue of products with guaranteed supply has been established. In the community group buying, two special offer products and a gift package of “Ng Fung Fresh Meat to Support Those in Home Quarantine”, have been launched to ensure that consumers can order fresh meat at an affordable price without leaving home during the epidemic. In March, there were over 39,000 pieces ordered through community group buying with online payment, and over 100,000 pieces of fresh meat were delivered to the government, supermarkets and platforms, for a guaranteed supply of customized fresh meat products for the residents.

Under the epidemic, CR Land’s Long-Term Rental Apartment Division in Shanghai has launched a special “Warm Home” rental program, covering renewal discount, rental discount, service fee reduction and extension of the property retention period, which has ensured stable accommodation for more than 5,000 tenants in Shanghai under the epidemic. Meanwhile, the company has organized a vanguard anti-epidemic team consisting of Party members, as well as a youth commando team. In March, over 300 people were dispatched to support Shanghai’s anti-epidemic battle, and nearly 200 Party members of the company registered in the “Pioneer Shanghai” applet and participated in the volunteer anti-epidemic work of the community.

In mid-March, after learning that relevant departments in Jiading District, Shanghai urgently needed water supply, the headquarters of CR C’estbon immediately approved a supply of 120,000 bottles of C’estbon water (350ml) to support the anti-epidemic frontline. As most areas of Shanghai were under lockdown and the transportation was blocked, C’estbon contacted and communicated with various parties, and dispatched goods from 3 distributor warehouses in the downtown area overnight. Eventually, the first 7,200 bottles of water were successfully delivered to the destination in batches on 14 March, to help guarantee the safety of Shanghai.

In the future, CR will continue to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic in Shanghai, implement various local epidemic prevention measures, coordinate local production and operation work as well as epidemic prevention and control, and go all out to support Shanghai to win the battle against the epidemic.