In action for guaranteed supply and stable prices in Hong Kong
2022-03-29,General Office

Since the outbreak of the fifth wave of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, in order to protect the supply of medical materials and daily necessities in Hong Kong, ensure the safety and health of Hong Kong residents, and guarantee the overall social stability, CR, as well as China Merchants Group, GDH, Sinopec Hong Kong, PetroChina Hong Kong, Chu Kong Shipping and other Chinese-funded enterprises in Hong Kong, has been resolutely implementing the requirements of the central government to help Hong Kong win the battle. Everyone is waiting for commands to fight against the epidemic even though there are innumerable trials and hardships, strive to ensure the supply and transportation of goods, stabilize prices regardless of costs, and is fully devoted to the battle against the epidemic.

Working day and night to ensure road transportation for fresh food

To ensure fresh food supply in Hong Kong, leading Chinese-funded suppliers have been overcoming all difficulties and carrying out cross-border transportation day and night. Under the epidemic, only a few drivers of CR Ng Fung and GDH Guangnan are able to work. They travel between Shenzhen and Hong Kong 7 times a day, and their working hours have nearly tripled compared to the past. They often work overtime into the night, racing against time and trying to successfully deliver fresh vegetables and meat in the early morning.

Overcoming all difficulties and opening up the first water transport channel

Affected by the epidemic, cross-border road transportation of fresh food in Hong Kong was blocked in mid-February, leading to short supply frequently. Chu Kong Shipping has overcome a lot of difficulties in the organization of goods, port support and supervision coordination. With the support of the customs and border inspection departments of both Shenzhen and Hong Kong, on 19 February, the first water route between Panyu, Guangzhou and Yau Ma Tei of Hong Kong was opened up, as a new channel for the cross-border transportation of daily necessities supplied to Hong Kong, which effectively guarantees the transportation of supplies to Hong Kong.

Opening up the first special train to Hong Kong at top speed

In order to further expand the transportation channels for supplies to Hong Kong and aid the anti-epidemic work in Hong Kong, Sinotrans, a subsidiary of China Merchants Group, established a special team in the first place, and formulated a “door-to-door” combined transport plan for a special railway line, to deploy logistics resources between Guangdong and Hong Kong. The preparatory work was completed in just one week. On 2 March, the first “Aid for Hong Kong from the Central Government” railway line was officially launched, which built a Shenzhen-Hong Kong multimodal transport logistics channel quickly, and improved the comprehensive transportation system for supplies to Hong Kong supplemented by railways.

Stabilizing supermarket supply regardless of profits or losses

As one of the three leading companies in the supermarket industry in Hong Kong, CR Vanguard has promptly organized a special procurement force, urgently increased the organization of supplies, prioritized the supply of vegetables, fruits, meat and poultry, and guaranteed the good quality and stable prices of fresh food. Its logistics warehouse is working around the clock 24 hours a day, to ensure timely delivery of goods and pacify the residents with shelves full of products.

Traveling thousands of miles to help with the early resumption of slaughterhouse production

As a number of operators have been infected with the virus, the Sheung Shui slaughterhouse was shut down at the end of February, and there was an acute shortage of fresh meat in Hong Kong. In early March, CR Ng Fung dispatched 38 professional slaughterers to Hong Kong from Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanning, Xilin Gol League, etc. urgently as a “Special Team to Aid Hong Kong”, including not only energetic young backbones but also experienced “masters”. There was also a mother among them, who resolutely met the challenge in order to set an example for her child to “take the bull by the horns”. With the efforts of all the parties, the Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse resumed operation on 7 March, and the residents could finally buy fresh pork the next morning, which had not been available for quite a long time.

Pumping Hong Kong up with all efforts

Under the tight situation of the epidemic, Sinopec Hong Kong and PetroChina Hong Kong have been conducting the real-time monitoring and scientific dispatching of oil and gas inventories, to ensure that over 70 of its refuelling (gas) stations can provide normal services around the clock, for “continuous supply of oil and gas, stable prices and 24-7 service”. Sinopec has also opened up a “green channel” for refuelling 300 “exclusive anti-epidemic taxis” and 200 anti-epidemic minibuses, and provided 24-hour diesel refuelling service for construction sites of 8 isolated units including Penny’s Bay, Kai Tak, Yuen Long, Hung Shui Kiu, Tsing Yi, etc. Handling the special case by special means, PetroChina has delivered bio-jet coal from the mainland for the first time, and joined hands with other Chinese-funded enterprises to ensure the jet fuel supply for Hong Kong Airport.

The Chinese-funded enterprises stationed in Hong Kong have overcome all difficulties and shouldered their responsibilities, making positive contributions to safeguarding the “vegetable baskets”, “meat dishes”, “rice bags” and “gas stoves” of Hong Kong residents, and also laying a solid foundation for winning this battle against the epidemic.

In the future, CR will resolutely implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, continue to make every effort to ensure the supply of anti-epidemic materials and fresh food as well as other daily necessities, fully support and assist the Hong Kong SAR government in epidemic prevention and control work, and join hands with the Hong Kong SAR government and Hong Kong residents to defeat the epidemic!