China Resources Corporate Service Limited was officially established
2022-01-17,China Resources Corporate Service Limited

On 17th January, the establishment and inauguration ceremony of China Resources Corporate Service Limited was held in China Resources Tower. China Resources (CR) Chairman Wang Xiangming and other group leaders attended the ceremony, and relevant responsible persons of functional departments such as the Group Office, Finance Department, Audit Department, Legal Compliance Department and Mass Work Department, as well as the representatives of external directors of the Group’s business units were also invited to attend the ceremony.

directly under the Group is a platform company of CR to manage professional shared services organizations. The company currently has four subsidiaries, namely China Resources Shouzheng Tendering Company Limited, China Resources Intellectual Property Management Company Limited, China Resources Intellectual Property Company Limited (Hong Kong) and China Resources Corporate Affairs Limited (Hong Kong), and is responsible for ensuring the services of external directors of business units. The establishment of the company fully reflects the Group’s efforts to innovate management functions of headquarter and build a value-creation headquarter.  

In accordance with the overall plan of the Group’s 14th Five-Year Plan and by adhering to the keynote of “Start and Prosper Business, Keep the Spirit Up”, China Resources will further clarify its positioning, establish its strategy and leverage on the Group’s broad internal market and abundant experimental scenarios to enhance its service capabilities, and based on the market-oriented direction, strengthen its refined management and management efficiency to serve the Group’s development and business reshaping in Hong Kong, so as to become an explorer and pioneer of state-owned enterprises in high-quality modern service industry.