Runpin tile adhesive launch and customer networking event was held successfully
2022-01-10,CR Cement

On 5th January, Runpin tile adhesive launch and customer networking event was successfully held in China Resources Cement (Fengkai) Limited. Zhang Caihua, Secretary General of Technical Committee for Tiling of China Ceramic Industry Association, Sun Weixing, Secretary General of China Stone Material Association, and relevant responsible persons of CR Cement attended the meeting.

The formula for the newly launched Runpin tile adhesive with excellent bonding performance and good construction property is originally developed by CR Cement, which can be customized for different application environments and customer demands. Moreover, the tile adhesive business can complement the advantages of CR Cement’s artificial stone and white cement businesses, providing systematic solutions for customers.

Secretary General Zhang Caihua firstly congratulated the successful production and launch of Runpin tile adhesive. He introduced in detail the recent favorable policies on tile adhesive promulgated by relevant authorities and the development trend of the industry. He believed that the launch of Runpin tile adhesive was just in time and CR Cement could seize the opportunities to make great achievements. Secretary General Sun Weixing highly praised the quality of Runpin tile adhesive from the perspective of stone paving, and hoped that CR Cement could make further contributions in such aspects as promoting green buildings, green design and construction and green building materials applications.

As indicated by relevant responsible persons of CR Cement, the successful production and launch of Runpin tile adhesive marks a new journey for CR Cement to make business transformation. Currently, CR Cement has planned several dry mortar projects in Guangxi, Hainan and Fujian, aiming at comprehensively enhancing its core competitiveness by advancing development, strengthening innovation and building systems, so as to facilitate the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. He hoped that the participating customers and partners would also recognize the CR’s culture and joint efforts to create a healthy ecosystem through win-win cooperation, thus promoting the sustainable and high-quality development of the industry.