CR Shouzheng Tendering Limited was awarded the “AAA Credit Enterprise Certificate” by China Tendering & Bidding Association
2022-01-05,General Office

Recently, CR Shouzheng Tendering Limited (“Shouzheng”) was awarded the AAA Credit Enterprise Certificate by China Tendering & Bidding Association (CTBA). The credit rating is a crucial effort of CTBA to implement the Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of a Social Credit System and Constructing a New Credit-based Supervision Mechanism and the Comprehensive Supervision by Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce (Trial) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other nine departments, advance the construction of credit system in the tendering & bidding industry and improve the mechanism on rewards and punishments for keeping and breaching credits of tendering & bidding companies.

During this credit rating, CTBA has designed comprehensive indicators such as basic information of the company, business information, financial information, public credit information, industry evaluation, etc., and organized the business credit center of a third-party credit service organization (SASAC) and industry experts to carry out evaluation. The evaluation procedures include company application, preliminary review, preliminary evaluation, approval, disclosure and release. The stringent evaluation procedures can ensure the fairness, science and integrity of credit rating results.

This honor represents the industry association’s high recognition to Shouzheng’s corporate credibility and influence and strong affirmation to its work results, and reflects Shouzheng’s leading position in the industry in terms of its comprehensive strength and competitiveness. Shouzheng will continue to promote the deep integration of bidding and procurement work with the Internet,, advance reform and develop innovative systems and mechanisms to standardize the electronic procurement platform, providing customers with quality procurement tender services.