CR made its best efforts to support the pandemic prevention and control in Xi’an
2021-12-31,General Office

Recently, Shaanxi Xi’an municipal government escalated the pandemic prevention and control amidst the severe situation. CR immediately mobilized and coordinated all business units in Shaanxi Province to deploy urgent medical and living materials, and donate money and materials to serve people’s livelihood in terms of food, clothing, shelter and transportation, contributing to the resolute pandemic prevention and control in Xi’an.

CR Vanguard turned its general warehouse, which ensured the supply for the 14th National Games and the Special Olympics, into a fresh food distribution center in order to guarantee the distribution of fresh food supplies to the people of Xi’an. This distribution center achieved a cargo throughput of more than 260 tons on the night of the 22nd December, of which nearly 70% was delivered on the 23rd. As a government-designated supplier during the pandemic, CR Vanguard’s fresh food distribution center in Xi’an made active response and completed the sorting and packing of 20,000 servings of vegetables on the 29th, and distributed vegetables to the people of Xi’an from all CR Vanguard stores in Xi’an, establishing the whole supply chain of procurement - sorting - distribution - delivery and making a transformation from “go out to purchase” to “deliver to home”, in order to guarantee the supply of vegetables to the people of Xi’an. CR Land converted Hall 3 of Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center into a temporary testing laboratory as soon as it received the notification for pandemic prevention and control, cooperated with the government to set up and quarantine the laboratory, inspected the construction projects in Xi’an and organized the responsible persons of each construction unit to make further efforts in pandemic prevention and control. CR Mixc Lifestyle mobilized all staff in Xi’an and immediately cooperated with the local government to build community defense, 24-hour emergency service and living materials distribution mechanism, assisting in information registration and answering citizen’s questions. CR Power set up a commando team to ensure safe and reliable operation of power grid equipment during the pandemic, and also completed the grid connection of Tongguan 20MW decentralized wind power project during the tense pandemic period. CR Gas arranged a large number of personnel to strengthen the safety inspection of its official website and rectify hidden dangers, and made precise arrangements to upstream and downstream business units through active communication with them, ensuring the safety and continuity of gas supply during the pandemic. According to the unified arrangement of the Central Epidemic Command Center, CR C’estbon immediately activated the public welfare response mechanism for rapid disaster relief and deployed a total of over 96,000 bottles of C’estbon water to various departments for pandemic prevention and control for three consecutive days.

On December 25, CR Chairman Wang Xiangming sent a letter of condolence titled with Working Together Confidently to Defeat the COVID-19 Outbreak to all CR employees who were fighting in the front line of pandemic prevention and control in Xi’an. The letter stressed that in the critical period of pandemic prevention and control, all units should firmly keep the awareness of the need to maintain political integrity and think in big-picture terms, take the pandemic prevention and control as the current top priority, and resolutely overcome paralysis, fatigue, fluke and slackness to undertake and perform its duty in strict accordance with the requirements of the central government; party organizations at all levels should form a fighting force with party members and cadres in the forefront and playing an exemplary role.

After receiving the letter of condolence, CR units in Shaanxi Province expressed their determination to implement the important instructions of CR Chairman Wang Xiangming by holding on to their positions and taking the initiatives to protect the supply while cooperating with the government’s pandemic prevention and control requirements, making contributions to the fight against the pandemic.