Two Combined Cycle Units in the Taizhou project of CR Power were put into production
2021-12-29,CR Power

On December 24, with the No. 2 combined cycle unit of Taizhou project of CR Power Sunan company passing the “72+24” trial run, two combined cycle units in the Taizhou project were put into production.

Established in December 2016, Taizhou company planned to construct and operate a distributed energy station with 2 sets of 40MW gas-steam circulation cooling and heating power generation units, 6.6MW decentralized wind power project and 20MW distributed photovoltaic power station in Taixing Hongqiao Park. Construction of the gas turbine engine project commenced in April 2019 and the No. 1 and No. 2 combined cycle units of the Taizhou project were successfully put into operation on 7th and 24th December, 2021 respectively. The project can realize centralized heat supply by replacing 20 scattered small boilers, with an expected annual power generation of 450 million kWh and heat supply of 420,000 tons, which is conducive to the ecological protection and energy conservation and emission reduction across the Xi’an city.

Upon the commissioning of two combined cycle units in the Taizhou project, the supporting functions of the park will be enhanced remarkably and the multiple supply of air conditioning, steam, electricity and production and domestic hot water will be realized once its production efficiency is reached, which will improve energy utilization efficiency, optimize energy structure and reduce pollutant emissions, hence forming a new sustainable and green energy supply system and contributing to the energy supply.