China Resources Group organized a series of community care activities in Hong Kong
2021-12-10,General Office

Recently, social conditions are gradually stabilized given the gradual alleviation of COVID-19 in Hong Kong and the transition from chaos to stability under “patriots administering Hong Kong”. Under the coordination of the Employee Association of China Resources Group (“CR”), business units of CR in Hong Kong organized a variety of theme events to enhance favorable social atmosphere.

Since September 2021, CR actively responded to calls from superior authorities by starting the project with a theme of “Visiting Communities and Moving Forward Together” to fulfill its corporate social responsibility as a Chinese state-owned enterprise in Hong Kong with actual practices. 12 corporate employee sub-associations from CR Enterprise, CR Ng Fung, CR Vanguard, CR Pharmaceuticals, CR Capital Management, CR Property, CR Land, CR Cement, CR Gas, CR Capital, CR Environmental Protection, and CR Chemical Materials Technology organized 19 caring activities in cooperation with local social associations in Hong Kong, benefiting the injured artists, school children in sub-divided units, community residents, grassroots families in need, the elderly, and other disadvantaged groups. The sub-associations extended their care to all aspects of grassroots in Hong Kong through a variety of activities, including “Donation of Online Learning Devices”, “Medical Services to Communities”, “Community Kitchen Help”, “Tour to Disney Together”, “Traditional Chinese Cultures in Schools”, etc.

In addition, CR also took initiative to care for employees in Hong Kong. Various departments and offices at the headquarters, and 19 corporate employee sub-associations including CR Capital, organized 85 team building activities covering all employees in Hong Kong of CR in various ways like “Happy Barbecue Day”, “Happy Disney Day”, “Afternoon Tea”, etc. on the Mid-autumn Festival, the National Day, and other traditional holidays. Employee associations of CR Enterprise, CR Property  implemented new approaches by organizing “No Poverty Land Documentary Watching and Youth Symposium”, “Appreciation of Traditional Chinese Cultures”, and other activities to continuously promote ideological building of employees in Hong Kong, which achieved substantial positive results.