China Resources Group held the intelligence and digitalization conference and the inauguration ceremony of CR Digital
2021-11-27,General Office

In the afternoon of November 26, China Resources Group held the intelligence and digitalization conference with the theme of “Digital Leadership, Intelligent Empowerment” and the inauguration ceremony of CR Digital in Shenzhen, which attracted more than 2,000 people on site and online, including group leaders such as Wang Xiangming, Wang Cuijun, Li Fuli, Pan Fu, Chen Xiaojun, Wang Chuandong, Wang Chuncheng and Han Yuewei, the external directors of the Group, heads of departments and directly affiliated institutions, heads of business units, leaders in charge of intelligence and digital technology, heads of intelligence and digital technology departments and relevant colleagues.

At the conference, Chen Xiaojun, Vice General Manager, firstly introduced the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the healthy development of digital economy during the 34th collective study of the Central Political Bureau, and then reported the Group’s intelligence and digitalization efforts. He introduced the Group’s intelligence and digitalization achievements since the 13th Five-Year Plan, analyzed the emerging trends and challenges in the digital era, reviewed the development goal of “Smart China Resources”, outlined the vision of China Resources’ future intelligence and digitalization, and clarified the next major objectives and tasks. The person in charge of the Group’s Intelligence and Digitalization Department explained the strategic objectives, initiatives, safeguard mechanisms and paths of the Group’s intelligence and digitalization under the 14th Five-Year Plan. The deputy expert of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the professor of China Europe International Business School were also invited to interpret the digital development policy under the national 14th Five-Year Plan and share the digital leadership required for digital transformation respectively.

At the conference, Chairman Wang Xiangming and other group leaders in Shenzhen jointly inaugurated CR Digital, marking a new member incorporating into the technology and emerging industry sector of the Group. This important strategy ushered in a new stage of development for the Group. The establishment of CR Digital is a practical action to implement the important speech and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on digital economy, and also a crucial effort to promote the industry digitalization and digital industrialization of China Resources Group.

Chairman Wang Xiangming made a keynote speech under the title of “Comprehensive Digitalization Drives China Resources towards World Class”. As he said, this conference is designed to study and implement the important statement of General Secretary Xi Jinping on digital economy, promote and implement the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises as required under the “14th Five-Year Plan” of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and deploy the Group’s digital and intelligent development in all-round manner under the “14th Five-Year Plan”. The Group and each business unit were required to conduct digital transformation in a sound, stable and effective way with determination, confidence and patience, so as to successfully achieve the Group’s strategic goal of intelligence and digitalization under the “14th Five-Year Plan”. He also put forward six requirements for the Group’s intelligence and digitalization efforts: (i) the industry digital transformation shall be promoted from different aspects; (ii) the intelligence in corporate governance shall be enhanced based on the reform pilot and state regulation; (iii) China Resources’ data shall be communicated and shared to maximize their value; (iv) the structure and talent upgrade shall be accelerated; (v) the Group’s strengths in industrial diversification  shall be utilized to facilitate the development of digital industry; and (vi) the organization and resources shall be able to support the implementation of the strategy.

The meeting further clarified that digital transformation is a breakthrough for China Resources Group to achieve ecological construction, transformation and upgrading, and digital technology shall be fully utilized to amplify economic development amid transformation. China Resources Group will make full use of the most cutting-edge digital technology to reshape its management and industry modes, promote the high-quality industry development and continuously improve value creation and push for boundaries during its transformation on a larger scale, at a higher level and with stronger density, hence contributing to the development of digital China.