China Resources Group published the CSR Report 2020 and garnered the "Five Star Best" rating for the second consecutive years
2021-06-29,General Office

On 29 June, CR’s CSR Report 2020 was published online. For the second year in a row, the report was rated as “Five-Star Best” by the Chinese Expert Committee on CSR Report Rating, and it continued to achieve five-star ratings in the 7 rating dimensions of process, materiality, completeness, balance, comparability, readability, and innovation.

CR’s CSR Report 2020 is a practical measure for the Group’s implementation of the Central Government’s decision and deployment as well as its positive response to social issues. It is also the 14th consecutive CSR Report released by the Group. Themed "With China Resources, With Hope", the report is divided into three parts: "CR ABCs", "Responsibility" and the main report which vividly details and discloses that the Group’s new developments and implementation of new concepts and services to support its high-quality development targets over the past year. It also displays the performance of CR in fulfilling its social responsibility.

In the "CR ABCs" section, the report presented the overall situation of CR in terms of corporate nature, industry position, cultural concepts, strategic ideas, brand and business composition, major events, and honors. In the "Responsibility" section, the report specially developed the topic of "Contributions of CR in Poverty Alleviation", and conducted in-depth interviews with iconic figures of the Group and its subsidiaries who participated in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. The story focuses on the exploration and achievements of the group in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and demonstrates the historical responsibility of state-owned enterprises.

The main report covered the accountabilities over the economy, employees, customers, environment, partners, public, as well as accountability management, and disclosed the group's related performance in 2020, key data and typical cases. It also disclosed how the Group fulfilled its responsibilities in 2020 and the performance of implementation of the commitments in a targeted manner, maintaining the integrity and comparability of the disclosed data.