China Resources Group's enterprises in Henan responded quickly to Zhengzhou rescue and disaster relief
2021-07-21,General Office

The latest rainstorms in Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo and Xinxiang, Henan Province, caused unprecedently severe floods, in particular Zhengzhou. The precipitation has recorded a new high in China, posing a tremendous threat to the safety of local people's lives and property. China Resources Group's (“CR”) enterprises in Henan timely initiated emergency response and actively organized rescue and disaster relief work.

CR Land Zhengzhou, CR Mixc Lifestyle, and CR Construction’s Zhengzhou Project Department responded quickly and helped with emergency rescue at the forefront by repairing leaks, resettling trapped citizens, and safeguarding the lives and property of citizens, owners and tenants. Staff of CR Land Zhengzhou put bags overnight for flood control and those at CR Mixc Lifestyle detected and repaired leakage in the heavy rain. The property management centre of The Mixc Zhengzhou helped citizens who could not return home on a rainy night to settle down, and contacted F&B tenants of the mall and provided resting places and meals for front-line rescue team when the first stage of the rescue mission was completed.

CR Land Zhengzhou handles resettlement of citizens unable to return home due to heavy rains in an orderly manner


CR Gas Zhengzhou spared no effort in restoring safety of the pipeline network, and strengthened inspection of high-risk locations and key gas supply node facilities such as construction sites, road surfaces that are vulnerable to collapse, as well as old overhead pipeline walls and pressure regulating stations. In addition, the company also activated the emergency plan for extreme weather by implementing a 24-hour duty system and a bi-hourly reporting system at night, as well as to deploy additional night rescue personnel and vehicles, ensure smooth operation of the gasoline security hotline and uninterrupted dispatch of gasoline in the event of power outages and gasoline shortages in order to satisfy the needs of citizens and response to emergency timely. As of 6 am on 21 July, the gas pipe network guards had recorded 46 cases of gas emergency repair with 32 gas facilities being suspended and 14 being monitored.

CR Land Zhengzhou provides shelters and meals for flood control personnel at the forefront


CR Power Dengfeng urgently deployed and initiated the flood prevention emergency response plan. Investigation was launched to ensure safe production through safe and stable operation of the production unit and stringent measures on flood prevention and emergency rescue. Leaders in charge and professional staff worked together in front line to carry out uninterrupted inspections in their respective areas, direct flood prevention and rescue work, and provide various support services. The company’s outsourcing units as well as firefighting, security and property management units have deployed more than 20 rescue teams with more than 100 members, numerous engineering vehicles, a fire truck and an excavator to perform their rescue tasks.

CR Power Dengfeng deploys a team to build the first line of defense for safety


CR Pharmaceutical Henan delivered emergency supplies to many local medical institutions in Zhengzhou. As of 10am on 21 July, a total of 31 vehicles were sent to provide emergency support and daily delivery to 157 hospitals in the city. Warehouse management personnel and EHS management personnel carefully searched for hidden dangers, while performing their roles strictly, implementing various flood prevention measures, ensuring the continued stability of safety level and safeguarding life and property of the company's personnel. Currently, all entities under CR Pharmaceutical Henan are back to normal operations, and staff and property safety are ensured. The company will continue to ensure timely supply of medical equipment for medical institutions.

CR Power Dengfeng carries out various disaster prevention initiatives


In the next stage, CR will continue to monitor weather and natural disaster warning information, coordinate research and assessment, and ensure enterprises at all levels to improve the measures in typhoon and flood prevention.