CR Chairman Wang Xiangming met with the Chief Executive of HKSAR Carrie Lam
2021-03-27,General Office

China Resources Group (“CR”) Chairman Wang Xiangming and the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”) Carrie Lam had a video conference on 26 March 2021 to exchange views on the development of Hong Kong as an International Centre for Innovation and Technology and the city’s participation in the national strategy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (“GBA”). In Shenzhen and Hong Kong respectively, Wang and Lam had successfully reached consensus on establishing a mechanism to strengthen communication and collaboration.

Extending his appreciation towards the HKSAR Government’s long-term care and support for CR, Chairman Wang Xiangming reiterated that the Group will continue to maintain a firm foothold in Hong Kong, the birthplace of CR and a breeding ground for its robust development over the past 83 years. Stepping into a new era, CR is committed to playing a more vital role in fulfilling its core mission of helping Hong Kong integrate with Mainland China and maintaining the long-term prosperity and stability of the city. Besides, Wang introduced CR’s technological innovation system and its future development plans, as well as the development progress of the Hong Kong branch of the GBA National Center of Technology Innovation. He said that CR and the University of Hong Kong will jointly apply for the establishment of a Hong Kong branch to drive the development of Hong Kong as an International Centre for Innovation and Technology which is expected to facilitate the local transfer of scientific research outcomes, cultivate high-tech enterprises in Hong Kong and provide more job opportunities locally. In his closing remarks, Wang said he looked forward to strengthening interaction and collaboration between CR and the HKSAR Government to promote the development of Hong Kong branch, and to join hands in driving the development of Hong Kong as an international innovation hub that will contribute to the development of GBA and technological innovation of the country.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam thanked CR for its continuous contributions to maintaining and supporting the prosperity and development of Hong Kong. In her briefing of the effort of the HKSAR Government in scientific and technological innovation in recent years, she cited the newly released "14th Five-Year Plan" that has defined Hong Kong's positioning as an International Centre for Innovation and Technology, in addition to its primary role as an international financial, shipping and trade center. Combining Hong Kong’s strong scientific research capabilities, world-class universities, and an international and market-oriented business environment with the huge market in the GBA and Shenzhen's ability to transform scientific research outcomes and advanced manufacturing, the unrivalled initiative is set to transform GBA into an International Centre for Innovation and Technology. While building an innovation platform of biomedicine, artificial intelligence and robotics, Hong Kong welcomes CR to continue leveraging its diversified business advantages and actively participate in the development of the Hong Kong as an International Centre for Innovation and Technology. Nonetheless, Lam hoped to strengthen collaboration in youth employment, philanthropy, and cultural initiatives with CR to enhance social development of Hong Kong.