The construction of Jianhe CR Hope Town completed
2020-12-11,General Office

On 11 December 2020, China Resources Group (“CR” or the “Group”) held the completion ceremony of Jianhe China Resources Hope Town in Jianhe County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. Senior officials including member and Deputy Director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (“SASAC”) Ren Hongbin, Deputy Secretary-General and Director of the Financial Management and Operation Bureau of SASAC Zhao Shitang, Director of the General Office of SASAC Yin Changbo and Director of the First Bureau of Enterprise Management of SASAC Xia Qingfeng; CR executives Wang Xiangming, Ma Lu and Pan Fu; CR non-executive directors Qiao Baoping, Wang Zheng, Wu Xiandong; and local officials including Vice Governor of Guizhou Province Tao Changhai, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Government He Gang, Secretary of Qiandongnan Prefecture Party Committee Sang Weiliang, Governor Luo Qiang and Secretary of Jianhe County Party Committee Wang Yongzhi graced the event, with the presence of relevant parties in charge of the Group Office, China Resources Power, China Resources Land and Guizhou Regional Working Committee.

The Group leaders and guests made a scout trip to the Jianhe CR Hope Town. The delegation visited the village entrance square in Jianhe CR Hope Town, the newly-built residences at CR Ng Fung Red Rice Noodles Restaurant, Elan Boutique Hotel village edition, the Party and Mass Service Center, the Villagers Activity Center, Qingjiang Craft Brewing Workshop and the Zhaizhang Lecture Hall, and other ancillary facilities. The delegation also had a chat with villagers in the town and watched the traditional folk dance and the intangible cultural heritage — wooden drum dance performed enthusiastically by the Miao villagers. In particular, the delegation learned about the town’s special and innovative agricultural assistance project "Hope Farm", and the handmade blue dye poverty alleviation workshop "Miao Embroidery Hall", which created employment opportunities for local Miao women, and learned about the "Honorary Villager Recruitment Plan", a special project of CR Hope Town.

The completion ceremony was held in Huicang, Hope Town, Jianhe. Qiandongnan Prefecture Governor Luo Qiang and Jianhe County Party Committee Secretary Wang Yongzhi addressed the ceremony and expressed their gratitude to CR for the construction of Jianhe CR Hope Town on behalf of the villagers. They also expressed their determination to build the town into a prominent tourism destination for KOLs riding on the design concept and industry value of the project.

CR Chairman Wang Xiangming made a speech at the ceremony. He pointed out that, in accordance with the general development requirements of the rural revitalization strategy, Jianhe CR Hope Town, with Elan Boutique County Hotel and Hope Farm as the core elements, complemented with the craft brewery and Miao embroidery hall, has realized the thorough integration of the first, second and third industries in Hope Town. The integrated development has basically achieved the goal of building a "pastoral complex" in Miao Township and is in line with the overall requirements of the national rural revitalization strategy. On behalf of the Group, Chairman Wang expressed his gratitude to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the governments of all levels of Guizhou Province and local people for their support to the CR Hope Town project, and highly praised the young colleagues of the CR Hope Town project team who stood on the front line of poverty alleviation. He added that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, CR will continue to reform and innovate under the leadership and support of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, strive to ensure the sustainability of the poverty alleviation and rural revitalization initiatives, and continue to contribute its effort and know-how to the country’s rural revitalization strategy.

At the ceremony, Deputy Director of SASAC Hong Bin, Vice Governor of Guizhou Province Tao Changhai, Chairman of the Group Wang Xiangming, and Secretary of Qiandongnan Prefecture Sang Weiliang jointly beat the drums to signify completion of construction at the Jianhe CR Hope Town.

As the 9th hope town donated by CR in China, the 279-acre Jian He CR Hope Town is located at Zhaizhang Village, Yang'asha Street, Jianhe County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, housing a total of 143 households or 473 villages. Jianhe CR Hope Town commenced construction in August 2019 and was completed in November 2020. Jianhe CR Hope Town was planned to be a harmonious and liveable village full of vitality of rural tourism economy with distinctive characteristics of Miao village culture. A total of 96 new houses were built while 32 houses were renovated. Besides, the Party and Mass Service Center (Xixiang Hall), Villagers Activity Center (Kelao Hall), kindergarten (Yu Li Hall), Miao Family Crafts Institute (Miao Embroidery Hall), Elan Boutique Country Hotel, Hope Farm Experience Center, Qingjiang Brewing Workshop and Zhaizhang Lecture Hall were constructed and reconfigured. Public facilities such as drainage, outdoor strong and weak electricity, roads and streets throughout the village and sewage treatment facilities were also added. After two years of construction, the living environment in the town has been substantially improved, and the former dilapidated and backward Zhaizhang Village has become a neat and beautiful "Miao Village Peach Blossom Spring".