China Resources Group's executive training made its debut in China Resources University’s Xiong'an Campus
2020-11-05,CR University

The first phase of the China Resources Group (“CR”) executive training was held at the Xiong’an Campus of China Resources University during 4-5 November 2020. Themed "The Group's Strategic Positioning and Business Model", the training aims to conduct in-depth discussions on the strategic positioning and business model of CR in the 14th Five-Year Plan and explore the formation of CR's operating model as a state-owned capital investment company in an action learning approach. The seminar was attended by more than 40 executives including Chairman Wang Xiangming and chief of departments, strategic business units, tier-one profit centres and affiliated entities, with the presence of the Group’s non-executive directors Qiao Baoping, Wang Zheng and Wu Xiandong.

Chairman Wang Xiangming delivered the opening remarks at the kick-off meeting, introducing the background and goals of this high organizing such high-level training seminar, significance of the seminar topic and overall arrangements of executive training, and expected outcome of the seminar. Chairman Wang Xiangming recalled that the group had organized a total of nine sessions of executive training between 2001 and 2007 to instill a corporate culture of “equality, classlessness, daring to speak the truth, seeking truth and be pragmatic, brainstorming and teamwork, and being assertive and outspoken” in order to achieve consensus with everyone’s effort and thoughts being counted. The trainings provided significant guiding ideology and strategic policy for CR to achieve two breakthroughs in the "Reengineering China Resources" initiatives. In a lapse of 13 years, it means a lot for the Group to resume its high-level training series which are to reinforce the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping in his reply to CR and the specific actions of the three-year action plan for state-owned enterprise reform. These are the crucial steps and initiatives of CR Group's "14th Five-Year" strategic blueprint benchmarking world-class companies and exploring state-owned capital investment company’s pilot reforms. The internal discussions are expected to reach consensus required to form strategic policies and measures that guide CR’s future development, facilitate sustainable development of the Group, seize the opportunities of the great era, and unveil a new chapter for CR.

The group plans to organize a series of four high-level trainings, which will be implemented in accordance with the thematic logic of "strategic positioning and business model", "business portfolio and investment, and national key regional strategies", "organizational control", and "corporate culture establishment". In the first two-day seminar, the participants were divided into six groups to discuss the topic of "strategic positioning and business model" in an action learning approach. The six groups conducted in-depth discussions and reported their views on areas of opportunities and threats faced by the group, analysis of advantages and disadvantages, business positioning, geographical positioning, resource allocation, management and control approach, and value creation approach.

In his closing remarks, Chairman Wang Xiangming pointed out that the two-day seminars and learning had a fruitful outcome in general and formed a lot of inspiring consensus. Next, everyone has to conduct benchmarking research, continue to deepen discussions on the topics, improve the systems, and contribute feasibility analysis and strategies for subsequent reform practices. While the group and profit centres must be linked up closely, action learning initiatives have to be kicked off at profit centre level with topics aligning with those of the Group and learning outcomes being implemented in the profit centres’ "14th Five-Year" strategic and business plans.