China Resources Group launches a large-scale recruitment programme. Join us and strive for a brighter future!
2020-10-27,General Office

On 28 October 2020, China Resources Group (“CR”) launched a large-scale recruitment programme in Hong Kong titled “Join us and strive for a brighter future”. The three-year programme aims to recruit 2,000 new employees in Hong Kong between 2020 and 2022.

According to CR, the Group and its strategic business units and tier-one profit centres will offer 1,000 vacancies covering 400 management trainees (MT) and about 600 other positions through the recruitment programme. The MT programme are open to university graduates of 2019, 2020 and 2021. The recruitment targets at applicants in a wide range of expertise which local talents are known to excel in, for instance, finance, real estate, medicine, law and design. Other positions are to support CR Group’s business needs in technology innovations covering life sciences, semiconductors, information technologies and materials science. Among the 1,000 opening positions, more than 70% of the positions are based in Hong Kong, while some 200 positions are based in the Greater Bay Area according to the Group and its profit centres’ locations and needs.

CR Group Chairman Wang Xiangming said he is confident in Hong Kong's growth prospects given the Group’s more than 80 years’ development in the city. He added that the three-year large-scale recruitment programme titled “Join us and strive for a brighter future” will meet the group's strategies and the needs of the core business units' development, as well as reserve and nurture more outstanding talent for the future. He also stated that the programme will help relieve the unemployment rate and fulfil the group's corporate social responsibilities in face of the vulnerable employment market. Looking ahead, the Greater Bay Area provides more possibilities for the development of Hong Kong while the recently announced pilot reforms plan in Shenzhen is expected to offer more areas of collaboration between the two adjacent cities. Hong Kong should leverage her unique advantages to complement with the Greater Bay Area, in particular Shenzhen, to drive the “dual city economy” which is expected to scale new heights with dual economic drivers.

Due to social distancing policy amid COVID-19, all recruitment activities including interviews will be conducted online. Interested parties can submit their applications via Application will close on 27 November 2020.