CR Pharma Comm signs comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with GILD of US
2018-11-02,CR Pharma

On November 1, China Resources Pharmaceutical Commerce (CR Pharma Comm) and the Gilead Sciences (GILD) of the United States jointly released the world's leading anti-viral treatment plan for infectious diseases and signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. 

Under the agreement, CR Pharma Comm will undertake the nationwide distribution of the imported anti-AIDS drug Truvada as well as the import distribution of the antiviral drugs for infectious diseases to be marketed by GILD in China in the future. GILD is a global leader in drug development and research in the field of viral infectious diseases, whose products have treated more than 12 million HIV patients and over 1.7 million hepatitis C patients worldwide. 

On the day of signing the agreement, CR Pharma Comm, GILD and China Primary Health Care Foundation made a joint declaration - To be loyal and devoted to our duties; To stay true to our original aspiration and take the development of China's medical and health care as our responsibility; To bear in mind our mission and strive to protect human health. The declaration was issued in the hope of making joint efforts to implement the "Healthy China 2030 Strategy", helps achieve the WHO2030 goal of combating infectious diseases, and become important part in advancing this global action plan.