CR Networks seals strategic cooperation agreement with BP
2018-10-18,CR Networks

On October 18, 2018, a ceremony was held to mark the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between China Resources Network (CR Networks) and British oil company BP at the China Resources Building in Hong Kong. Mr. Li Fuli, deputy general manager of China Resources Group, Andy Holmes, chief operating officer of BP Fuels ASPAC, and leading officials of CR Networks and BP China showed up at the ceremony. 

Under the agreement, the two companies will work together in a digitalized loyalty program in terms of membership card management, system platform building, big data analysis, and precision marketing. BP is expected to give a quick start to its own membership management with the benefit of Huaruntong's increasingly sophisticated operating model of membership cards, productized bonus points system and smart data analysis system. 

BP has been operating in China since the early 1970s and is one of the leading foreign-invested companies in the domestic oil and gas industry, with more than 740 joint-venture gas stations in Chinese mainland serving approximately 500,000 customers. The platform “Huaruntong” developed by CR Networks is capable of providing cross-industry integration of bonus points as well as unified solutions with flexible access to multiple industries, which have been widely applied by business partners across a wide variety of industries. With the agreement, BP is supposed to introduce the best practices of overseas customer services to China, while Huaruntong is expected to run the loyalty program in China to jointly create smart gas stations and provide Chinese car owners with more convenient services. The two companies will make joint efforts to recruit members, hand out generic bonus points and formulate differentiated service plans based on big-data precision marketing abilities. 

This agreement marks the first time for Huaruntong to serve the international energy industry with its loyalty program. In the future, the company will join hands with more leading companies from different industries to better serve Chinese consumers.