China Resources Land Sets Up IoT Lab
2017-11-07,General Office

On November 2, the IoT (Internet of Things) Laboratory of China Resources Land (CR Land) was unveiled in Shenzhen. Heads and leaders of CR Land, Tencent Cloud, IBM South China Region, Microsoft Greater China attended the launch ceremony.

The IoT lab is a platform integrating technology R&D, business scenario simulation, introduction of partner's capabilities, internal IoT talent cultivation and external IoT information exchange and other functions. Focusing on smart business, communities, work sites, offices and venues, the lab is dedicated to exploring innovative technologies and applications in different business segments. In-depth technical innovation will enable the customized development, evaluation and testing of related technologies and hardware, which will lead to a unique IoT solution for CR Land. Upon running, the lab will boost the innovation and business transformation of CR Land.


With continuous development and maturing of core technologies of IoT such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, CR Land has always taken technological innovation as a new engine for business transformation and development and has been actively cooperated with research institutions and partners in efforts to empower its digital transformation.