China Resources Group Hosts the Hong'an Hope Town Inauguration Ceremony and Rural Revitalization and Development Forum
2020-08-21,General Office

On 20 August 2020, China Resources Group held the inauguration ceremony of China Resources Hong'an Hope Town and the theme forum for rural revitalization as well as the Group's Poverty Alleviation Commendation Conference in Hong'an County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province. Group leaders such as Wang Xiangming, Ma Lu and Li Fuli, ministry leaders including Deputy Director Zhang Xiaohong of the Bureau of Science, Innovation and Social Responsibility of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Deputy Director Xu Yudong of the Party Construction Bureau, and provincial and municipal leaders including Cao Guangjing, Deputy Governor of Hubei Province, Liu Xuerong, Secretary of the Huanggang Municipal Party Committee, and Qiu Lixin, Mayor, attended the event.

In the morning, the participating leaders and guests visited the China Resources Hong’an Hope Town with an itinerary covering the newly-built main residential buildings in the town, architectures such as the Hotel Elan, Villagers Activity Centre, Welfare Institute and Intangible Cultural Heritage Street as well as other public ancillary facilities such as the Menshoutang Square and Hope Farm. Group leaders led by Wang Xiangming greeted the villagers cordially and visited the Liening Kindergarten and the 223rd Rural Public Welfare Library donated by China Resources C'estbon. The tour ended with a puppet show, an authentic Hong'an intangible cultural heritage, enthusiastically performed by local villagers. The delegation also visited the town’s featured innovative agricultural support project "Shared Farm", and participated in the "Honorary Villager Recruitment Programme" with great interest.

The inauguration ceremony was held in Huicang, Hong'an Hope Town, where the leaders officiated at the unveiling ceremony. Yu Xuewu, Secretary of Hong'an County Party Committee, and Ma Lu, Director of the Group, delivered their speeches. Vice Governor Cao Guangjing of Hubei Province and Group Chairman Wang Xiangming unveiled the China Resources Hong’an Hope Town.

In the afternoon, a forum themed "How Enterprises Empower Rural Revitalization" was held at the Villagers Activity Centre of Hope Town. Subsequent to China Resources Group’s continuous effort in fulfilling social responsibility by building the Hope Town, for example, Leaders and academia including Professor Gong Kai of the Southeast University, Director Zhong Hongwu of the Research Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Deng Guosheng, Associate Dean of the School of Public Administration of Tsinghua University, Professor Zhao Xi of Communication University of China, and Yu Xuewu, Secretary of the Hong’an County Party Committee, discussed the historical mission and social responsibilities that Chinese enterprises should shoulder under the country’s rural revitalization strategy proposed in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the historical background of building a moderately prosperous society and building a modern socialist country. The also explored how to learn from the world’s experience of rural development and poverty alleviation, in order to assist China's rural construction in an innovative manner and support the "three rural" industries, and come up with more sophisticated poverty alleviation mechanisms and experiences.

Chairman Wang Xiangming addressed at the forum by explaining how to accurately understand China's rural issues in a new historical perspective and correctly grasp the essentials of the country's rural revitalization strategy. He also encouraged all to observe and think about the long-term construction and development of China Resources Hope Town.

Chairman Wang Xiangming stated that China Resources is committed to performing its duties for the country and benefitting the people. Since 2008, China Resources has donated more than RMB 800 million to build nine hope towns in various old revolutionary areas and poverty-stricken areas across the country, with three hope towns currently under construction and planning. It has also participated in targeted poverty alleviation in Guangchang and Haiyuan counties, that benefit a total of 11,463 people in 3,036 households, and the impact has radiated to more than 100,000 people in the neighbourhood to get rid of poverty. It has become a microcosm and typical example of state-owned enterprises focusing on agriculture, rural areas and farmers to fight against poverty. Chairman Wang Xiangming pointed out that under the new circumstances, we must accurately understand the essence of the national rural revitalization strategy and the importance of rural revitalization in building a new pattern of internal circulation. We should actively explore how the market can play a decisive role and how the government can play a better role so as to link poverty alleviation and rural revitalization effectively. He hopes, by the time China Resources celebrates its centenary anniversary, about 30 hope towns can be completed around the country and become a model for the revitalization and development of rural areas with strong industries, beautiful rural areas and well-off farmers.

During the forum, the China Resources Poverty Alleviation Commendation Conference to recognize teams and individuals who have been dedicated their effort with outstanding performance in poverty alleviation and hope town construction over the past decade.