Chairman Fu Yuning Vows not to Sack Staff Amid Coronavirus Pandemic in a Press Conference in Hong Kong
2020-05-12,General Office

On 12 May, Hong Kong Coalition held a press conference in Central, Hong Kong to announce Hong Kong’s industrial and commercial sectors have signed an agreement stating they will not sack any members of staff during the pandemic. Chairman of the Group, Fu Yuning delivered a speech at the press conference, expressing the Group’s determination to join hands with all sectors of Hong Kong and work together with its staff members to achieve the same goal of overcoming the current challenges.

Chairman Fu Yuning said that since last year, many enterprises and merchants in Hong Kong have been greatly affected by the impact of social unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have struggled or even failed to keep their businesses afloat. Mainland-funded enterprises in Hong Kong, represented by China Resources Group, have also faced challenges with a year-on-year decline in their business in Hong Kong. Fu Yuning stressed that mainland-funded enterprises in Hong Kong are integral parts of Hong Kong's economy and society. China Resources Group will collaborate with other enterprises to help Hong Kong citizens during this difficult time, and he vowed not to sack any staff during these short-term difficulties and the Group will fulfill its social responsibilities. Furthermore, the Group acted quickly in response to the pandemic, including making donations and providing anti-pandemic supplies.

Hong Kong Coalition was jointly founded by representatives from all walks of life in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Coalition’s purpose is “Adhering to the ’one country, two systems’ principle and maintaining Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability”, Hong Kong Coalition aims to unite the community and find a way out of the current predicament for Hong Kong.