Tapping into the Group’s Diversity to Fight the Epidemic Together
2020-01-31,General Office

In view of the recent outbreak of novel coronavirus, China Resources Group has taken full  advantage of its diversity to strengthen capacities for epidemic prevention, fully support the national pandemic preparedness with launching emergency prevention plans across all of our operational areas, and responding to various needs of frontline staff, and comprehensively arrange epidemic prevention measures for employees and customers by the headquarters and strategy and business units at all levels.

We have stepped up efforts to fight against the epidemic and took part in epidemic prevention work. Since the outbreak, many healthcare workers from more than 200 medical institutions under China Resources sought participation in epidemic prevention work. CR and Wisco General Hospital provided the first medical personnel of 8 healthcare workers to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, and all of our medical institutions provided a total of 131 healthcare workers to support relevant designated hospitals in Hubei. China Resources Gas directly participated in the construction of Leishenshan Hospital and formed a construction brigade. The installation of air vent pipes outside Leishenshan Hospital was completed on the afternoon of 29 January after 48-hour uninterrupted construction, which ensured the hospital with stable double-sided ventilation. The team finished zoning quarantine wards, consulting rooms, ICU, and ventilation area. During the Lunar New Year, nearly 14,000 staff of China Resources Pharmaceutical remained at work. During the period of 19 to 29 January, China Resources Double Crane Pharmaceutical distributed a total of 14,965 items and 575,010 pieces of infusion products to 31 terminal hospitals in Wuhan and distributed a great quantity of medicine to epidemic-designated hospitals in Beijing. Our subsidiaries in relevant fields, such as CR Sanjiu, CR Jinchan and CR Jiangzhong, have set up production plans for the period of Lunar New Year, to ensure stable supply of emergency medicine. Of these, Shenfu injection fluid produced by CR Sanjin was listed on Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Provisional 4th Edition) as a recommended Chinese Medicine.

We have quickly reacted to demands of public services and assured the supply of basic necessities for people. From 23 January till now, CR Beverage has delivered a total of 2,220 boxes and 53,280 bottles of bottled water to eight hospitals in Wuhan, Red Cross and one hospital in Xiangyang, of which, 500 boxes of drinking water were distributed to Huoshenshan Hospital construction team. The rice producer under CRC Wufeng has called out to its partners assuring sufficient supply and price stabilization to avoid public panic. Wuhe Meat Trading Market under Hangzhou NF United coordinated with business operators to actively arrange for supplies across the country and made every effort to stabilize supply of pork in the Hangzhou market during Lunar New Year. Its physical store Lianhe Kang Kang remained in operation during holidays, got reserved meats to market without setting purchase quota and price increase, in order to ease public panic. Our staff of Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse of Ng Fung Hong resumed to work during holidays, to keep stable supply of fresh meats in Hong Kong market. CR Bank responded to the requirements of China Banking Regulatory Commission such as “opening a green channel for financial services”, “strengthening financial support for epidemic prevention and control”, and “providing financial services for companies in distress”, and coordinated relevant units to facilitate contributions and procurement, including coordinating Huafa Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhuhai in making donation for Wuhan's anti-epidemic needs. CR Land and CR Vanguard have offered a 15-day rent-free period in Lunar New Year period for all their tenants across the country so as to relieve the difficulties of small and medium-sized businesses.

A strict reporting and information sharing mechanism for epidemic prevention and control was set up. To date, China Resources Group has set up a “China Resources Group Daily Epidemic Tracking” plan pursuant to the deployment of the China Resources Group Epidemic Response Leaders Group. As of 30 January, the Group (including tenants, lessees, residents, visitors, occupants etc.) had 13 confirmed cases, 79 suspected cases and 55 in quarantine, and no death was recorded. All enterprises directly under the Group have quickly set up an information reporting and contact mechanism, remained on duty 24 hours a day, implemented a reporting system and carried out epidemic alert and response sections in a timely manner, in order to enhance employees’ awareness of epidemic prevention, give them more faith, and reassure the public. In response to the development of pandemic in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China Resources Enterprise has specifically enhanced its business units located in Hong Kong such as its properties, logistics and cafes, in terms of epidemic prevention measures, whilst improving communication between the HKSAR government and China Resources Group headquarters, working together to fight against the escalating epidemic.

The Group enhanced its sanitation management and prevention mechanism for its venues of production and sales. China Resources, as a state-owned utility enterprise, has many places of business, such as CR Land, CR Bank, Pacific Coffee and CR Enterprise Logistics, keeping highly alert to the extent that minimized risks of epidemic spread in business places and workplaces, and disinfected the area of all business places and workplaces. Business places that have more chances to face and meet customers, such as CR Bank, CR Vanguard, Pacific Coffee and The MixC, would provide sufficient face masks for staff, in order to protect their health and enhance their hygiene practice in providing services and during production processes.