Chairman Fu meets with Coca-Cola’s Global President and COO James Quincey
2018-11-27,General Office

Chairman Fu Yuning held talks with visiting Coca-Cola’s Global President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) James Quincey at the Shenzhen headquarters of China Resources Group on the noon of November 26, 2018.

Chairman Fu welcomed the visit of James Quincey and the global executive team with an introduction to the Group’s innovation landscape in various businesses, especially the large consumption segment. James Quincey briefed on Coca-Cola's global development and expressed his thanks for the CRG’s assistance in the bilateral cooperation over the years. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on the international and Sino-US economic situation, the consumer goods market and the retail industry development trends. Both expressed their hope to bring greater results out of cooperation by further leveraging the advantages of both sides, strengthening the application of Internet technology innovation, and enhancing interactive exchanges.

Coca-Cola’s Global Executive Team and heads of its North America, Latin America and Greater China regions, heads of CRG’s Strategy Department and China Resources Vanguard attended the talks.