CR Group Holds its First "Open Day" Activities
2018-09-08,General Office

On September 8, 2018,China Resources Group (CR Group) launched its open day activities at the Xiaojingwan Campus of the China Resources University in Huizhou. Group leaders Fu Yuning, Ma Lu and Shan Jijing attended the event, along with nearly 200 employees and their family members, media representatives, and officials from Shenzhen and Huizhou governments.

Extending a warm welcome to all guests in his address to the opening ceremony, Chairman Fu said that CR Group has always attached significant importance to communicating with the public and will always embrace the society with an open mind. After several years of study, the Group has decided that the second Saturday of September shall be the “Open Day” and “Working together to change life” a long-term theme. The event is meant to allow social communities of all kinds to learn more about CR Group and achieve symbiosis, close cooperation and common development for CR Group and its employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Everyone is welcome to give valuable opinions on the management and development of CR Group, Fu said, adding that the Group is willing to communicate with the public in the most direct and candid language. The Group aims to open all grassroots enterprises to the public in three to five years, according to the Chairman.

During the open day, the guests visited the Xiaojingwan Campus of the China Resources University and the China Resources Archives Exhibition Hall in groups, gaining close insight into the development course of the Group over the past 80 years and an in-depth understanding of its industry status and development achievements as well as its mission and social responsibility. The guests are hugely impressed by the Group’s brilliant history of development, its diversified industry portfolio, rich cultural heritage, and ample product brands. On the same day, more than 100 grassroots enterprises under CR Group held similar activities.

To explore the forms of opening-up activities, the grassroots units of CR Group have actively invited employee families, local residents, media reporters, partners, government officials and other stakeholders to visit the production workshops, construction sites and operation platforms since 2015. These efforts have allowed the public to know more about CRG and helped achieve two-way communication. In 2017, the grassroots enterprises held nearly 700 public open activities, involving around 20,000 participants.

The event was jointly hosted by the General Office and EHS Department of CR Group and was undertaken by CR Land and Shenzhen-based regional working committee, with extensive support from the Human Resources Department and CR Property of the Group.