CRG Holds Ceremony for Inauguration of CR Archives and Opening of CR History Exhibition
2018-07-27,General Office

On the morning of July 26, a grand ceremony was held to mark the - inauguration of the China Resources Archives (CR Archives) and the opening of the China Resources History Exhibition (CR History Exhibition) in the southern campus of China Resources University in Huizhou, Chairman Fu Yuning addressed on the ceremony.

Fu congratulated on the inauguration of the CR Archives and the opening of the CR History Exhibition. He said that the CR Archives keeps record of the eight-decade glorious history of CRG and holds witness to its development course during which CRG has stayed to true to its original aspiration and worked hard to press ahead. It is a previous fortune in carrying forward the spirit of CRG and of significant resource in facilitating its transformation.

With the inauguration of the CR Archives, the cause of CR’s archive management has also taken a step forward. It is an important milestone in CR spirit inheritance as well as cultural establishment. As the Chairman required, managers at all levels should pay high attention to corporate archive work and archive staffs should base themselves on the overall interests, keep enhancing archive service abilities and advance the transformation and upgrading of archive management through solid work and constant learning. Only in this way can they provide multi-angle, all-directional and high-quality information services for the Group to outline its development strategies, transformation and upgrading, and truly carry out “carry forward history and create value”.

Group leaders jointly unveiled the CR Archives. The participants visited the exhibition themed on "enriching lives, nurturing dreams", which gives a comprehensive introduction to the Group’s 80 years of entrepreneurship and development with the display of a number of valuable historical archives.

Located in the China Resources Xiaojingwan, the CR Archives features a unique "stacking back stage" design integrated with the natural environment. The total area of the project is about 9,700 square meters, with comprehensive functions, elegant layout, advanced facilities and standardized management, which is able to meet archive storage management needs in the next 50 years. The CR Archives has maintained important archives since the founding of CRG in 1938, including more than 10,000 volumes (boxes) of physical archives and over 8 million integrated electronic archives.

In the future, the CR Archives will base itself on “four centers, one window” (the Group’s important archives storage center, archive information resource data center, archive development and utilization service center, archive training and guidance center, and corporate history and culture display window) to strengthen the construction of the archives resource system, utilization system and security system. Focus on resource construction with development and utilization at the core, information technology as support, and quality service as purpose, the CR Archives will play an active role in serving the overall development strategy of CRG.