Australian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment and His Entourage Paid a Visit to CR Group
2018-03-22,General Office

On March 20, 2018, China Resources Group (CR) Chairman Fu Yuning met with visiting Australian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment Steve Ciobo in Hong Kong. Senior Advisor Angus Barker, Ambassador of Australia to China Jan Adams, and Australia's Consul-General to Hong Kong and Macao Michaela Browning accompanied the visit. 

After expressing his welcome to Steve Ciobo and his entourage, Chairman Fu gave a detailed introduction to the investments of CR Group in consumer products, medical care, pharmacy, energy and other industries in Australia. China Resources Group is introducing the high-quality medical services of GenesisCare to cities in mainland, China including Beijing, Kunming, Guangzhou, Dali, and Wuhan. It is CR’s largest investment project in Australia, he said, adding that active efforts are being made to advance the project.


Fu pointed out that China and Australia are highly complementary in terms of resource endowments, industrial structure, and market. Australia has obvious advantages in mining, animal husbandry, life science and technology, medical service and medical education. China has a vast market. Developing a closer economic, trade, and investment relationship serves the interest of both countries, he said. CR will continuously focus on new investment opportunities in Australia. Fu also expressed his hope that the Australian government will be more open in examining and approving investments by Chinese companies, including state-owned enterprises, in Australia.


Since the signing of the Free Trade Agreement, Steve Ciobo said, Sino-Australia economic and trade relations have been on a sound track. China is Australia’s largest trading partner, and Australia has attached great importance to Chinese market in mining, agriculture, education, tourism, and other industries. Besides, the high-quality consumables from Australia are also very popular with Chinese consumers, the Minister said. He also expressed appreciation for CR’s investments in Australia, adding that Australia will, as always, welcome and support Chinese companies like CR to invest in Australia. 

The two sides also exchanged views on globalization, international trade, trade protectionism and other issues.