Chairman Fu Yuning Visits Tencent
2018-02-06,General Office

On February 5, China Resources Group Chairman Fu Yuning and his delegation visited Tencent’s headquarter and met with Ma Huateng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tencent.

Chairman Fu thanked Tencent for their thoughtful arrangements and highlighted China Resources’ development in the fields of consumables, big health, real estate and other industry sector. He pointed out CR is a diversified enterprise with rich offline customer resources. Currently, Tencent is actively exploring “Internet Plus” transformation in various industries. While Tencent enjoys a good reputation as an Internet company, and there is great potential for mutual benefits and further cooperation with China Resources Group.

Ma also conveyed his appreciation to CR for its high-rank visit. He said Tencent has completed its strategic refocusing and will be more focused on social networks and digital content. Tencent hopes to explore "Internet Plus" solutions in urban management, government affairs, community, hospitals, pharmacies and other areas with all partners. He mentioned that China Resources, with abundant and multiple operational scenarios, is a unique partner in China. Tencent is willing to launch a full-scale strategic cooperation with China Resources with its full suite of new Internet technologies.

Other meeting attendees included Tencent Senior Executive Vice President and President of Social Network Tang Daosheng, Tencent Cloud President Qiu Yuepeng, Tencent Vice presidents Ding Ke and Lin Jinghua, department leaders of Tencent Internet Business Group, Tencent Cloud, IDC Platform, Strategic Development, Smart Retail and etc., Group leaders Chen Ying, Wang Peihui and Wu Xiangdong, as well as business unit leaders from Group General Office, Information Department, China Resources Vanguard and China Resources Networks.