General Manager Luo Xi Meets with UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox
2018-01-09,General Office

Luo Xi, General Manager of the China Resources Group (CR) met with Dr. Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary of United Kingdom and his entourage in Shenzhen on January 4. The two sides held friendly talks about deepening CR's investment in UK and reached broad consensus. Luo welcomed Dr. Liam Fox and his entourage and introduced the history of CR’s diversified development history and its investments in relevant fields in the UK. He also elaborated on the concept of internationalization under the framework of China's "One Belt One Road" initiative as well as the strategic direction. He also showed his gratitude to the British government for its support regarding the Group’s investment in the UK and expressed the anticipation to embrace more investment opportunities in the future.

Dr. Fox conducted a detailed introduction to the macroeconomic environment of the UK in terms of social and economic development, investment promotion policies, and strategic arrangements concerning Brexit. He stressed that the UK government including the Department of International Trade and overseas agencies all welcome CR's strategic investment activities in the UK and are willing to support and work together with it in industry research, policy guidance, resource sharing and other aspects. He hoped both sides will maintain communication and exchanges to carry out long-term and extensive cooperation.

MacDuck, Consul General of the British Consulate in Guangzhou, and officials from the Business Office of China and Hong Kong attended the meeting. CR Power’s leading officials and the UK Offshore Wind Power Project Team also met with the delegation.