The Construction of Jinggangshan CR Hope Town is completed
2017-06-29,General Office

On June 26, the construction of Jinggangshan CR Hope Town was officially completed. The completion ceremony was attended by around 80 attendees, including Xu Fushun, Vice Chairman of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), Deputy Governor Li Li of Jiangxi Province, Secretary Hu Shizhong of Ji’an, other leaders of the province, CR Group Chairman Fu Yuning, CR Group General Manager Luo Xi and other Group directors and representatives of all departments, strategy business units and first-class profit centers.

The ceremony was held in Hotel Elan where Secretary Liu Hong of Jinggangshan, Secretary Hu Shizhong of Ji’an, CR Group General Manager Luo Xi, and Vice Chairman Xu Fushun of SASAC addressed the attendees. On behalf of the Group, General Manager Luo Xi expressed his thanks to People’s Government of Jiang Xi Province for their support on the Jinggangshan CR Hope Town project. He praised the project constructor’s efficiency in completing the project in a record breaking 10 months. He also expressed his expectation for Jinggangshan Hope Town to develop a new rural tourism industry, to act according to circumstances, and to assist in providing support for the new industry. Chairman Xu Fushun of SASAC spoke highly of the town and encouraged CR to stay true to the mission, continue to move forward, settle well of the old revolutionary areas and develop the town nicely.

During the visit to CR Hope Town, the Leaders and their entourage visited local industries and public facilities including the Plaza, the Zhangs Ancestral Hall, the Welfare House, Kindergarten and Hospital in Pingtou Village. During the trip to the Welfare House they met with the widowed and childless elders and the volunteers who assist there. The group participated in the children’s drawing camp in the village and also some painting & reading activities. Additionally, they greeted the expert team from 999 brain hospital who examined the village patients for free.

On the morning of June 27, Deputy Secretary and Governor of Jiangxi Province Liu Qi and his entourage made a visit to CR Hope Town. They visited the Pingtou Plaza, the Zhangs Ancestral Hall, the Welfare House, kindergarten, hospital, Hotel Elan, etc. They met with local villagers including the widowed and childless elders who live in the Welfare House. They also met with children from the kindergarten and some of the hospital workers. Governor Liu Qi gave high praise to CR’s contribution to the town’s construction. He also told the villagers and government officers to be thankful for CR’s help and to continue working together to maintain and manage the new town.

Jinggangshan CR Hope Town located in Luofu forest farm district, Jinggangshan, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, is the 7th Hope Town donated by CR Group throughout the country. The construction of the Hope Town Project officially started on August 23rd, 2016. In 10 short months, the building and renovation work had been completed in Pingtou and Tushan villages, with the renovation work of 132 residential buildings completed. The Hotel Elan, kindergarten, Welfare House, hospital and other public facilities were newly built while the granary, the inpatient department building and the ancestral hall were renovated. Furthermore, CR helped repair roads in the villages which improved the overall esthetic. In order to support the villagers and promote the sustainable development of rural tourism, the CR group built the first demonstrative hotel in town which marked the beginning of the cooperation platform between CR and the villagers to assist villagers in developing rural tourism such as the family hotel and agritourism.