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China Resources Group Officially Launches Its E-commerce Platform HuaRunTong App

Time:2016-12-28Source:CR Network

On December 28, China Resources Network Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited held a launch event in Shenzhen for launching HuaRunTong, its new mobile application that provides a comprehensive e-commerce platform. HuaRunTong APP is available on app stores immediately effective following the product launch event.

At the event, Chairman Fu Yuning pointed out that China Resources Group is now actively exploring the areas in how to make full use of the internet, innovating CR Group’s business models, enhancing its service ability, driving all businesses towards a higher-end industry chain and value chain, and forming an all-win ecosystem for all parties. By launching HuaRunTong, China Resources will ensure a smooth business operation from on-line to offline (O2O), enhance the external cooperation with partners and customers, and achieve stronger business performance in CR Group’s transformation and upgrade.

Group General Manager Luo Xi added that through the launching of HuaRunTong App, China Resources Group would be able to connect its over 6000 offline outlets with more than 60 million customers in a more systematized and organized way, so as to allow dynamic O2O interactions, as well as to better meet customers’ demands by providing one-stop purchases of CR Group’s high-quality goods, life services and financial products. In the meantime, CR Group’s industries could effectively use on-line channels to attract new customers, enlarge sales volume and achieve O2O business synergy.

HuaRunTong will implement unified ID with Single-Sign-On (SSO) management for registered members, which allows membership points conversion and consumption across omni-channels in CR Group’s eco-system. In other words, with the App and a unique ID, one can enjoy the VIP right for thousands of brands collaborated with HuaRunTong. Apart from CR Group’s own brands, HuaRunTong App selected superior cooperation partners in varieties of industries to join, like external hotels, catering, shopping, trip and so on. Users could use their points for all brands on the platform with the App, which worked out the puzzle in the dispersion for membership card, member identity, rights and interests, enabling clients to consume wisely.