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China Resources Group and Agricultural Bank of China Signed off Overall Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Time:2016-11-06Source:General Office

On the morning of November 3, China Resources Group and Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) signed off overall strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. CR Group General Manager Luo Xi and Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) President Zhao Huan attended the signing ceremony. CR Group Chief Accountant Wei Bin and ABC Vice President Wang Wei signed the agreement on behalf of both sides. According to the agreement, China Resources Group and Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) will build long-term strategic cooperation on credit extension business with a series of financial products and services, so as to achieve mutual development.

Prior to the agreement signing, General Manager Luo Xi held friendly talks with ABC Chairman Zhou Mubing. The two sides hope that the new agreement will bring new opportunities for both to strengthen the information exchange and resource sharing in aspects of information construction and internationalization development.

During Luo’s stay in Beijing, he visited China Resources Double-Crane Pharmaceutical industrial zone. Luo gave his recognition on their particular work in operating management, expected the staff to keep up the good traditions and be committed to driving innovation, optimizing industry, manufacturing pharmaceutical and reforming mechanism, working towards the 13th Five-Year Plan goal.

On behalf of the CR Group, General Manager Luo Xi had also attended the Opening Ceremony of the 20th Beijing Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium. Both the Signing Ceremony and the meeting were attended by leads from China Resources Group’s functional departments, strategic business units and representatives of profit centers, as well as heads in relevant departments and branches of ABC.