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China Resources Teams up with Japan’s Fujifilm to Explore Healthcare Market

Time:2016-11-21Source:CR Pharmaceutical

China Resources has signed an agreement with Fujifilm Holdings to establish business alliance, under which the two sides will work together to look for potential business opportunities in various areas including healthcare sector.

Under the agreement, the two sides will cooperate in the following areas: distribution of Fujifilm Holdings’ consumer goods and services in China; business development of pharmaceutical products such as biosimilars, regenerative medicine products and medical equipment in China; exploration of the feasibility of traditional Chinese medicine upgrade and the possibility of global sales of the upgraded traditional Chinese medicine; introduction of high-end medical services.

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, which controls Fujifilm Corporation, was a cornerstone investor of China Resources Pharmaceutical when it was seeking a listing and has been actively expanding its healthcare business in recent years. The alliance will help further strengthen China Resources Pharmaceutical’s leading position in the industry.