Lead the Business Progress and Build a Better Life Together.
Be a Global Enterprise with Accumulating Public Trust and Popularity.
Integrity First, Performance Driven, Human Oriented, Innovation Constantly.
Make it Solid, Make it Stronger,Make it Bigger,Make it Good,Make it Longer.
Pragmatism, Professionalism, Synergy, Dedication.
Corporate Logo

CRThe name, “China Resources”, incorporates the auspicious meaning, “The Great Land of China is Endowed with Abundant Resources” The design concept of the CR logo originates from the calligraphy of the great master of the Tang Dynasty, Yan Zhenqing. Master Yan’s “hua” character (“China”) is made up of four “ren” characters (“people”) in the middle. The CR logo, a creation inspired by this character, reflects CR’s long and glorious lineage, similar to that of the Chinese culture. The four “ren” characters also resemble a series of arrowheads pointing upward, implying CR’s growing and flourishing businesses. The amber-coloured square in CR’s logo symbolizes the earth, implying CR’s dedication to its motherland, and its solid foundation in the Chinese soil. The white “ren” characters contrast sharply against the amber background, reflecting the courage of the CR team in taking up challenges, and its activeness in innovative thinking. CR’s corporate logo carries its intangible assets, and is the medium through which the company communicates information.

Business Philosophy
People-oriented, population-driven, respect for humanity, and building a better life together.

These are the connotations of the four “ren” characters in the CR logo. It conveys CR’s fundamental objectives of building a business, serving the society, and creating benefit for the public. The selected industries in which CR is engaged, its products and services, and the fulfilment of its social responsibilities are all built upon the business philosophy of “people-oriented, population-driven, respect for humanity, and building a better life together.” People are the fundamental objective and impetus for CR’s business development. CR emphasizes spiritual values and respects human values. To this end, CR will offer a rich array of products and services to society, while being committed to creating a better and higher-quality lifestyle for the community.